Kyruus’ Sixth Annual
Patient Access Journey Report

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What is the “digital front door” for and how has it evolved to encompass many entry points for finding care? Kyruus’ sixth annual survey of 1,000 consumers takes a deeper look at this and the key preferences for how consumers find, select, and access care.

Key findings include:

  • The internet still retains the top spot for consumer research (61%) when it comes to finding care, and nearly 80% of consumers used 2 or more online resources in their research process.
  • Over 40% of consumers prefer to book appointments online and about 1/3 cite it as a factor when considering where they will obtain care in the future.
  • Consumers are eager to use digital channels for pre-visit tasks and to engage with their healthcare providers—93% are extremely or very interested in using digital self-service for pre-visit tasks.

For more insights on the pivotal role of digital channels across the patient access journey—download the report.

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The Many Digital Doors for Finding, Selecting, and Accessing Care