Lessons from Retail:

How Health Care Can Win by Adapting to Changes in Consumer Behavior

Discover how ProMedica uses customer feedback and a digital-first approach to consumers to achieve stellar results across more than 400 facilities in 28 states.

A Strategic Health Care Marketing member webinar for marketers, communicators, and strategists at hospitals, health systems, and physician groups

Presented on July 21, 2021

Your Presenters:

  • Annie HaarmannHead of Strategy and Consulting, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Reputation
  • Adeline Ashley, Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications, ProMedica

Annie Haarmann and Adeline Ashley

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Consumer expectations for a digital experience have changed since the pandemic began, accelerating digital strategies for health care brands. Virtual care, for example, has increased by 3000% and 60% of consumers want to continue using it. Patients are now shopping for care like they shop for retail goods — online ratings and reviews are the #3 most important decision-making factor after proximity and insurance.

Today, consumers search for and select health care with different priorities. They expect to schedule an appointment, check-in, pay a bill, or see a doctor virtually, all from a mobile device. More than ever, they look at patient reviews — and they don’t hesitate to give feedback on their own experiences in real-time. The feedback economy has made its way to health care, and there’s no turning back.

Health care organizations that leverage the new dynamics of consumer behavior — by adopting a digital-first, retail mindset — are poised to win in the new feedback-driven environment.

Some clear leaders have emerged in the race to become more retail focused. ProMedica, a health system that improves health and well-being for patients across 13 hospitals, four ambulatory surgery centers, and more than 400 post-acute facilities in 28 states, is one example. A leader in technology innovation, ProMedica has achieved stellar results through its digital-first approach to consumers.

Learn how to harness the power of digital to deliver a more retail-like experience in a changing environment. You’ll see real-world examples and learn best practices from health care leaders and industry disruptors.

You'll learn:

  • Current trends impacting health care marketing and consumer experience
  • What symptomatic search is, and how it influences local search results
  • How consumer feedback drives more appointments
  • Best practices in delivering a digital care experience, including how to address change management in a risk-averse environment

About Your Presenters:

Annie Haarmann 

Head of Strategy and Consulting

Annie Haarmann is Head of Strategy and Consulting, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Reputation. She partners with leaders of large, complex healthcare organizations to provide data-driven insights that maximize value and drive patient acquisition. Annie also consults with healthcare leaders on programs to improve consumer experience and quality. Previously, Annie led digital marketing and online experience at Ascension, where she introduced new strategies for online consumer access to drive growth.

Annie Haarmann, Head of Strategy and Consulting, Reputation

Adeline Ashley 

Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications


Adeline Ashley is Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications at ProMedica. She is leading the digital transformation initiative and helping ProMedica's mission in redefining healthcare. Adeline has worked with Anthem and Southern California Edison leveraging data analytics and content strategy for massive web redesigns to improve customer experience. She has also been a serial entrepreneur having launched a gourmet foods company, gift service business, and an award-winning party planning site.

Adeline Ashley, Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Communications, ProMedica

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