How to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 and the Delta Variant

Michigan Medicine marketers have identified strategies that work in convincing target populations to "get the shot."  They also are rolling out communications for a new employee vaccine mandate. Learn the keys to success and how to adjust your vaccine hesitancy messaging as the pandemic continues to evolve.

A Strategic Health Care Marketing member webinar for marketers, communicators, and strategists at hospitals, health systems, and physician groups

Presented on September 1, 2021

Your Presenters:

  • Rose Glenn, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Michigan Medicine
  • Mary Masson, Director of Public Relations, Michigan Medicine
  • Rebecca Priest, Director of Marketing, Michigan Medicine

Moderated by: 

  • Brian Griffin, Healthcare Journalist and Former Health System Marketing Director

As the COVID-19 delta variant surges across the country, health care organizations are struggling with how to persuade more unvaccinated Americans and health care workers to “get the shot.”

Marketing leaders at Michigan Medicine implemented communications and community relations strategies over the summer that proved successful with key populations in their service area, including:

  • Adults who are skeptical about vaccine
  • Individuals who lack access to care
  • Parents of children ages 12-15

They also focused internal communications on convincing staff to get vaccinated, and now are promoting a new Michigan Medicine employee vaccination mandate.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the very latest from health system marketing leaders on what’s working to overcome vaccine hesitancy in the community and achieve workforce compliance with vaccine mandates.

Additionally, presenters will discuss options to strengthen vaccine hesitancy messaging moving forward in light of recent changes in the pandemic landscape.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies and tactics proven to drive more of the unvaccinated to “get the shot”
  • Tips on crafting effective messaging for different priority populations
  • Mistakes to avoid in communications and community outreach
  • Next steps to increase community vaccination rates as the pandemic evolves and  stronger messaging options emerge
  •  Insights into overcoming vaccine hesitancy among health care workers and gaining buy-in for vaccine mandates

About Your Presenters:

Rose Glenn

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

Michigan Medicine

Rose Glenn is the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for Michigan Medicine, which includes the University of Michigan Health and Medical School. She has had a health care career spanning more than 30 years, with extensive experience in large, complex systems. Her career path has included 18 years as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for Henry Ford Health System.

Rose is past president of the board of the American Hospital Association’s Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development and is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. She was awarded her bachelor’s degree with highest honors from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2018. She received her master’s degree in strategic public relations from George Washington University in 2011, graduating with honors as a valedictorian. She is on the faculty of the University of Michigan Department of Communication and Media.

Mary Masson
Director of Public Relations
Michigan Medicine

Mary Masson is Director of Public Relations for Michigan Medicine and has been doing PR for the University of Michigan’s academic medical center for more than 12 years. She previously worked as a  journalist at newspapers including the Detroit Free Press and the Indianapolis Star.

Rebecca Priest
Director of Marketing
Michigan Medicine

Rebecca Priest is the Director of Marketing for Michigan Medicine. She oversees brand development and marketing strategies for the clinical, education and research activities of the University of Michigan’s medical enterprise.

Brian Griffin
Healthcare Journalist and Former Health System Marketing Director

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