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The time is now to defend your hospital or health system from the trend that Revive calls the value attack: a false narrative that detracts from the tangible value your organization provides to your community.

Even if your system hasn’t been criticized aloud, your reputation is suffering. Consumers, politicians, and the media are watching healthcare with a skeptical eye as costs rise and care becomes less accessible. We conducted research with 1,200 consumers to understand what consumers think about hospitals, health systems, and their priorities. Our findings uncovered insights that your organization can use to change the narrative, with actionable steps to weather the storm.

Download this white paper and learn:

  • How to be proactive against media attacks with a story built on your organization’s indispensability as a healthcare provider.
  • Tips for reversing the trend of growing institutional mistrust among consumers looking for the care they need.
  • Ways to defend yourself against the perception of hospitals and health systems as profit-hungry.
  • How to show the real and positive impact your organization has had on your community.
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Health systems are under attack. How will you defend your hospital’s reputation and value in the growing storm?