The Present and Future of Telehealth

Developing Your Strategic Game Plan for Virtual Care Now and Post-Pandemic

A Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for marketers, communicators, and strategists at hospitals, health systems, and physican groups

Presented August 12, 2020 

Your Presenters: 

  • Joseph Brennan, Telehealth Consultant, Moonshot Health Consulting
  • Jennifer HumbertAVP, Telemedicine Development and Virtual Inpatient Monitoring, Ochsner CareConnect 360
  • Pamela Landis, Vice President of Digital Engagement, Hackensack Meridian Health Network

Moderated by:

Joseph Brennan, Jennifer Humbert, Pamela Landis, David Marlowe

By now, most health care organizations have initiated or greatly expanded their telehealth capabilities to better serve patients who don’t require an in-person office visit, with the goal of limiting their exposure to the coronavirus.

The question is, now what? What is the roadmap for scaling and improving telehealth while the pandemic still rages? And once the pandemic subsides, where will telehealth fit in the larger scheme of things? Will payment parity continue? Both providers and patients have gotten used to video chats. Is there any reason to go backwards?

Join us as our panel of top industry thought leaders and innovators takes a close look at the practices and strategies currently in place for telehealth, and imagines the future role of telehealth within the overall delivery of health care services, when telehealth is an accepted mode of care delivery.

You’ll learn:

  • How to address the challenges and unintended consequences of the rapid expansion of telehealth services during the early Covid ramp up.
  • The near-term “next steps” in the delivery of services via telehealth as we continue to address the Covid emergency.
  • The potential future and impact of telehealth financial reimbursement levels and provider/consumer ongoing acceptance of telehealth after the Covid emergency
  • The possible future of telehealth as part of the provider service mix – capabilities, opportunities and likely challenges.

Your Presenters

Joseph Brennan

Telehealth Consultant

Moonshot Health Consulting

Joseph Brennan is a telehealth consultant at Moonshot Health Consulting. Prior to starting Moonshot Health Consulting, he served as Senior Director of the Virtual Health program at a large integrated health system based in Western Michigan. He has worked with many healthcare organizations on the development and scale of telehealth including the recent launch of Yale New Haven Health's Video Care OnDemand program and rapid expansion in response to COVID-19.

Joseph Brennan

Jennifer Humbert, MSN, MHA, RN

AVP, Telemedicine Development and Virtual Inpatient Monitoring

Ochsner Health System’s Care Connect 360

Jennifer Humbert joined Ochsner Health System’s Care Connect 360 telehealth program in 2014. She has been instrumental in the development of new innovative telehealth programs in the acute, ambulatory, and direct to consumer spaces. As the Assistant Vice President of Telemedicine she drives revolutionary programmatic development in partnership with the service line partners, and the virtual inpatient monitoring areas.

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Penn State University. She began her career at Penn State Hershey Medical Center as a direct care nurse. She received her Master’s in Nursing in 2011, and her Master’s in Health Care Administration from University of Phoenix in 2014. She is a published author, experienced conference speaker, and has served as a national abstract reviewer.

Jennifer Humbert

Pamela DeSalvo Landis
Vice President of Digital Engagement

Hackensack Meridian Health Network

Pamela DeSalvo Landis is vice president of digital engagement at Hackensack Meridian Health Network, an $8 billion integrated network in New Jersey. She is responsible for the strategy and implementation of all voice, AI/ML, mobile, web, unified communication, engagement and collaborative technologies for patients, consumers, physicians and employees. Her team leads technology and development efforts around making it easier for patients and consumers to get access to healthcare services, particularly online and on the phone. They are building a 24-7 digital network operations center where all consumer traffic will flow.

Prior to joining Hackensack Meridian, she led digital and IT efforts at Atrium Health in Charlotte, N.C. and Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI. She is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, OH and earned a master’s degree in health informatics from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Pamela Landis

David Marlowe

Strategic Marketing Concepts

David Marlowe is the principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts, a health care marketing consulting firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland. David directs engagements involving the development of strategic marketing plans, market research, marketing function assessments, medical staff marketing, new program development, pricing strategies, and health care delivery system marketing issues.

David is a past president of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development of the American Hospital Association and received its highest honor, the Award for Individual Professional Excellence, in 2005.

David Marlowe

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