Most Wellness Brands Don’t Connect with Gen Z Women. What’s the Cure?

// By Amanda Williams // The tweens, teens, and 20-somethings who make up Gen Z have different health and wellness priorities than older generations. How can health care organizations meet them where they are? Here, we examine some challenges this generation faces, how it defines health and well-being, and how health care brands can resonate with it.

Measuring What Matters: A Framework for Healthcare CRM Success

Abhi Sharma, former chief product officer, Loyal

CRM is evolving, helping health care leaders prioritize high-value communications that enhance profitability and support patients. Yet, today’s CRM often falls short of customer expectations. Are these expectations realistic, or are organizations expecting too much? Explore the current state and future possibilities of health care CRM.

Proven: Physicians Prefer Plain-Language Marketing

CME Example Plain Language

// By Ahava Leibtag // Plain language is crucial in health care marketing. It’s easier for readers to understand — and act upon — clear communication. But the case for plain language doesn’t apply only to patients. Plain language is just as important in physician marketing. Find out why physicians prefer plain language marketing content over technical jargon.

Inside the Mind of Today’s Healthcare Consumer: Comprehensive Study Offers Unique Insights for Marketers

Rob Klein, founder and CEO, Klein & Partners

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for healthcare marketers and strategists

Wednesday    |   July 17, 2024    |   2 p.m. Eastern

Understand the mindset of today’s healthcare consumer and how to more effectively communicate with them. Gain insights to inform your marketing plans. Join us for a free webinar to hear the latest on what consumers really think from the 12th annual Klein & Partners National Consumer Insights Study (NCIS).

You’ll learn:

  • Why creating loyalty at the PCP level is key to brand stability and growth
  • How to attract Gen Z as a ‘future’ customer? (Hint: Brands must invest in people before people invest in brands)
  • The reality of consumer reactions to AI in healthcare
  • Who is on the digital healthcare highway and what are they doing now
  • What is COVID-brain in the non-clinical sense, and what it means for your marketing
  • And much more!

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Advertising Showcase: UChicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital Brand Campaign

Comer Children's logo

// By Susan Dubuque // When the marketing team set out to make Comer Children’s a household name, it had a not-so-secret weapon to tap into: the powerhouse brand of the University of Chicago Medicine. Find out how an engaging new campaign helps position Comer Children’s as a nationally recognized brand, generating remarkable results in record time.

Winning Strategies for Successful Podcast Marketing

Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D., vice chair of education, Department of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine

// By Susan Dubuque // Podcasts are a popular and well-established audio medium used by health care organizations of all sizes to share longer-form content that educates, inspires, entertains, and provides thought leadership to various audiences. Discover secrets of award-winning podcasts from three top organizations and get practical tips to make podcasting vital for your marketing strategy.

Discover How Top Health Systems Leverage Enterprise-Wide Collaboration to Drive Growth

Skip Hidlay The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

A focused, bidirectional collaboration between health system call centers and marketing teams is critical to ensuring positive customer experiences that deliver on the brand promise and ultimately drive organizational targets for growth and revenue. Too often, health system marketing and Access teams operate separately and don’t align to create the best customer service journey. This Read More

Advertising Showcase: Yuma Regional Medical Center “We Believe” Quality Campaign

Yuma Regional Medical Center logo

// By Susan Dubuque // Yuma Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC) quality journey began when the health system saw significant operational and clinical improvements. But for employees and the community, this positive message needed to be amplified. Discover how Yuma Regional Medical Center’s “We Believe” campaign elevated the perception of quality for both internal and external audiences.

Is Enterprise-Wide CRM Possible?

Elaine Christie

// By Elaine Christie // CRM is evolving, helping health care leaders prioritize high-value communications that enhance profitability and support patients. Yet, today’s CRM often falls short of customer expectations. Are these expectations realistic, or are organizations expecting too much? Explore the current state and future possibilities of health care CRM.

How Riverside Health Boosted Patient Engagement with Automated Audience Segmentation

Eileen Varnson, vice president, marketing, communications, and digital strategy, Riverside Health System

Last year, Virginia-based Riverside Health System set out to enhance digital communications with its patients in pursuit of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim. Eileen Varnson, vice president of marketing, communications, and digital strategy, determined that the best way to achieve this ambitious objective was to partner with Upfront Healthcare to adopt a personalized Read More

Best Video Content: Unleashing Video’s Potential in Health Care Marketing

Rebecca Sims, executive vice president of operations, WG Content

// By Susan Dubuque // For 25 years, the eHealthcare Leadership Awards have celebrated excellence in health care digital marketing. At the 2023 awards, winning videos showcased the power of video to capture attention, evoke emotion, and drive action. Read the full article for expert insights and examples of award-winning videos.

Inside Look at Two Health Systems and How They Achieve Success with Content Marketing

Melinda Daffin, director of digital content, Ochsner

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // Ochsner Health’s and Ohio State’s well-developed content hubs consolidate and showcase their organizational strengths, and as important, provide answers to the questions site visitors search for. Discover highlights of their content journeys and see how their strategies work to attract site visitors and drive organizational success.

How Stories of Human Kindness Help One Hospital Reinforce Its Brand

Susan Griffin, director of public relations and communications, South Shore Health

// By Susan Dubuque // South Shore Hospital, part of South Shore Health, serves hundreds of thousands in the Greater Boston area. To differentiate itself, the marketing team crafted the brand positioning “Your Health, Our Passion, One Community,” reflecting the hospital’s commitment to offering exceptional services and fostering a community-centric healthcare approach.

Strategies for Developing a Dynamic Health Care Brand and Bringing It to Life

Jeremy Harper, chief strategy and marketing officer, Corewell Health

Static brands result in static organizations. Dynamic, forward-leaning brands break through the noise and unleash the real potential that can change not only your organization but the industry as a whole. When two major hospital systems merged to form the largest health system in Michigan, the marketing team had a unique opportunity — to create Read More

Podcasting Playbook: Winning Strategies for Successful Podcast Marketing


A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on May 23, 2024

Podcasts are a popular, well-established audio medium used by healthcare institutions around the world to share longer-format content. They are an excellent marketing tool offering an array of benefits, including: increasing brand awareness, engaging patients, building community, and establishing thought leadership.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of podcasts to enhance brand visibility and community/patient engagement. We’ll provide a playbook with practical tips related to defining your audience, content creation, hosting, and physician engagement.

You’ll hear from industry leaders — including 3 Platinum winners of the 2023 eHealthcare Leadership Awards “Best Healthcare Podcast” category — about how podcasts can be a valuable tool for elevating your marketing by connecting with audiences in a highly personalized way.

You’ll learn:

  • How to integrate podcasts into your digital marketing.
  • Practical tips for producing successful podcasts.
  • Ways to engage your audience and enhance your podcast’s performance.
  • What it takes to create and sustain an industry-leading podcast.

And much more…

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Advertising Showcase: White Plains Hospital’s “Every Day” Brand Campaign

White Plains Hospital logo

// By Susan Dubuque // White Plains Hospital, part of the Montefiore Health System, is renowned in Westchester County for its 130-year legacy. In 2022, the hospital shifted its marketing strategy to emphasize its capability in complex care, launching the successful “Every Day” campaign to highlight its advanced services and exceptional patient experience.

LCMC Health Integrates Brand and Culture to Improve Patient Experience

Christine Albert, APR, chief experience officer, LCMC Health

The goal for any hospital and health system is to successfully activate and operationalize the service trio of brand, culture, and experience to achieve business loyalty, recruit exceptional talent, and provide the best experience for people in need of care. The recipe for success in today’s transforming health care delivery model needs all three to Read More

25 Years of Celebrating Excellence: eHealthcare Leadership Awards are Open

ehla logo 25th

// By Susan Dubuque // This year marks the silver anniversary of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards. Join us as we celebrate 25 years of industry innovation and honor your accomplishments from the past year. The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize outstanding health websites and digital initiatives. The Call for Entries is officially open!

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