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COVID Has Lingering Effects For Providers and Consumers

“The repercussions of consumers putting off both routine and essential care (most likely a result of both the voluntary shutdown of elective procedures around the country by many health systems as well as growing concerns over being exposed to the virus) are significant,” says Daniel Fell of Optum. “From both a public health and a Read More

Consumer Sentiment Evolving with COVID Spread

// By Daniel Fell // In early May, our company launched a biweekly tracking study to better understand and monitor consumer sentiment toward seeking health care services during the COVID pandemic. The Optum Consumer Pulse Survey asks a representative sample of 700 adult consumers nationwide how likely they are to visit different types of health Read More

What Are Patients’ Key Non-COVID Health Care Concerns?

Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

“People will remember how they’re treated,” says Rob Klein, founder and CEO of Klein & Partners. “And how you treat them will determine whether your brand comes out of this with momentum.” Klein & Partners and The DRG recently released the results of the third wave of an online national survey measuring consumer reactions to Read More

The Strategic Considerations Behind a Successful Rebrand

Drew Fennell, chief communications and experience officer at ChristianaCare

Rebranding a large health system is a complex undertaking that is more than a marketing and design challenge; it requires a thoughtful, strategic approach to be successful. ChristianaCare, the largest health care provider in Delaware, unveiled its new brand identity in October 2019, after an 18-month planning process with its agency, Wax Custom Communications. The Read More

Patient Perspectives on Virtual Care

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Do you know how many patients would switch providers to have the option to have virtual care visits regularly? 1 in 2.

This is one of the many findings from our new survey that found patients want greater access to virtual care in the future. 72% had their first-ever virtual care visit during the COVID-19 pandemic and now the vast majority seek it as a standard part of their care.

However, with many organizations implementing virtual care strategies quickly due to COVID-19, the results also put a spotlight on opportunities to improve existing programs, such as by making virtual visits bookable online.

To learn more about what 1,000 patients said about their recent virtual care experiences and how your organization can deliver more seamless access to care, download the report today.

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ChristianaCare’s Rebrand: A Labor of Love

// By Marlene Kurban // Rebranding a large health system is a complex undertaking that is more than a marketing and design challenge; it requires a thoughtful, strategic approach to be successful. ChristianaCare, the largest health care provider in Delaware, unveiled its new brand identity in October 2019, after an 18-month planning process with its Read More

How Do Older Adults Take Care of Themselves and Their Health?

Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

People age 50 and older represent the largest demographic of health care consumers. But do you know how to best reach and market your health care organization to this audience, and which products and services resonate the most with them? A recent national consumer survey conducted by Cox Media Group revealed surprising insights about how Read More

Local Search, Healthcare, and the Impact of COVID-19

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How are you optimizing information about your services in search engines to connect consumers to the care they need?

With consumers increasingly turning to the internet to find care and COVID-19 resources, expanding your digital presence and taking advantage of Google My Business updates will be important for communicating changes in your services and raising awareness about new offerings (e.g., virtual visits).

To help you pivot your digital marketing strategy, download this white paper and learn:

  • Where consumers go online to find information about providers and medical facilities
  • What impact coronavirus has had on local search and what it means for health systems
  • How to leverage Google’s updates to expand patient access online, now and in the future

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Ideas for Applying and Marketing Telehealth in the COVID-19 Crisis

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Six ways U.S. health systems are using telehealth to deliver care now. And six ways to best communicate these services, including examples from leading systems.

Telehealth has surged as U.S. healthcare systems prepare for and manage the viral surge.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding reduced barriers to virtual care is pushing telehealth further into the mainstream, and many health care providers are moving quickly to implement or expand telehealth capabilities.

Download the e-Book to learn more about:

  • The growth of telehealth
  • How top health systems are implementing it now
  • The best strategies for marketing telehealth as a central part of your COVID-19 plan – and an essential, accessible service to your patients and communities

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Pandemic Recovery: Gearing Up for Business Development Marketing

Preston Gee, Suzanne Hendery, Karina Jennings, Danny Fell, David Marlowe

A Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar on demand for health care marketers and digital strategists

Originally presented May 5, 2020.

Your Presenters:

  • Preston Gee, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, CHRISTUS Health
  • Suzanne Hendery, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Renown Health
  • Karina Jennings, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Planning, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Daniel Fell, Marketing Consultant & Senior Strategist, Optum

Moderated By:

  • David Marlowe, Principal, Strategic Marketing Concepts

Preston Gee, Suzanne Hendery, Karina Jennings, Danny Fell, David Marlowe
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CIO Perspectives on Patient Access and Digital Initiatives

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Are you initiating or accelerating new digital transformation efforts in light of rapidly-changing patient access needs and challenges?

As your health system pivots access strategies and deploys new technologies to connect patients to care, partnering with IT leaders will be essential to executing these programs quickly and enhancing access – during the current crisis and over the longer term.

In this white paper on takeaways from a CIO focus group, you will gain insight into:

  • Tactics for gaining CIO buy-in and involvement in key digital initiatives
  • How to identify opportunities to better use technology to improve access to care
  • Tips for getting new technology projects funded and implemented effectively

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New York Proton Center’s Purpose-Driven Brand

Patrick Curry, marketing and communications consultant, New York Proton Center

// By Wendy Stark Healy // It’s easy for health care organizations to articulate what they do and how they do it. But they sometimes struggle to understand their brand purpose — their “why” — especially in connecting with patients. Purpose-driven organizations outperform competitors, increase market share, attract better talent, and do better overall, according Read More

Create an Access Experience that Drives Brand Loyalty

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When selecting a new provider, 83% of consumers rate health system reputation extremely or very important.
But how do you differentiate your organization’s brand in an increasingly competitive market?

By making access to care easier. In this checklist, we share the four steps needed to do so, including how to make information about your network more accessible and streamline the booking process.

Download it now to start setting your consumer experience apart.

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Six Foundational Patient Experience Metrics

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Do you know what percentage of consumers would switch providers as the result of a bad experience? 82%

As your health system faces rising competition and invests in strategic initiatives to differentiate your brand experience, gaining insight into the patient journey and soliciting feedback will be essential to stay ahead.

In this white paper, you will learn the six foundational metrics to:

  • Assess the current state of your consumer experience
  • Spot potential sources of consumer dissatisfaction
  • Enhance search and scheduling across access points

Download this free white paper to start moving the needle on patient experience today.

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Core Health Research: Consumer Perspectives on Healthcare

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Examining the top drivers of consumer healthcare choice

What really matters to American healthcare consumers when selecting a healthcare provider? The answer may surprise and enlighten you. It may even give you the information you need to convince the bosses of your insights and decisions. Core Health’s inaugural research study explored consumer choice drivers in six key areas. Download this free white paper to learn what healthcare consumers value most.

In addition to identifying key drivers of healthcare choice, this study:

  • Explains how consumers define each of the drivers of healthcare choice
  • Discusses the relative value of health “systems” to a healthcare consumer
  • Explores other information consumers need when selecting a healthcare provider
  • Assesses respondents’ most recent provider-visit experiences
  • Details health insurance coverage and limitations

This study provides healthcare marketers with critical insight into the minds of today’s healthcare consumers and what truly motivates them.

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The Voice of the Customer Is Getting Louder

How to make the shift from transactions to relationships // By Jared Johnson // Health care is really good at creating transactions, but not so good at creating relationships. Today’s consumers are frustrated at health care brand experiences that fail to meet their expectations. Visionary health care organizations are listening more and more to the Read More

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