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Learn What Your Patients Really Want—And Target Your Marketing Accordingly

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Health care organizations increasingly focus on improving the patient experience as reimbursement levels are now tied to this essential measurement. Further, when patients aren’t satisfied with their medical care or how office staff treats them, they are apt to shop around for a new provider. Yet all too often, areas where health care organizations invest Read More

How Cook Children’s Health System Fights Back Against Child Abuse

Center for Children's Health led by Cook Children's

// By Lisa D. Ellis // The faces of two beautiful toddlers practically jump off the Star Telegram’s website, their vibrant expressions and sparkling eyes captured so clearly on the screen that it’s hard to believe that both of these youngsters are no longer living. Tragically, these children—who did not know each other but are Read More

What’s Good for Patients Is Good for Business, Too

Lisa D. Ellis

Have you ever truly wondered what it’s like to walk in your patients’ shoes? Many health care marketers today view patient experience in the context of how well a person interacts within the various touchpoints of his/her health care system, as well as by how satisfied the patients are with the care and information they Read More

How Physician Relations Can Build Value Into Every Visit

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An ideal visit between a physician liaison and a physician ends with both parties believing the visit was a valuable use of their limited time.

That’s why building value into every visit is so important, not just for the liaison, but for the physician. If they feel meeting with you is a good use of their time, they’ll do it again. If not, your next meeting might be with their gatekeeper. Respect their time and they’ll give you more of it.

Read this whitepaper to learn the details of these 7 actionable steps to building value into your meetings

  • Have a goal for every meeting
  • Prepare for every meeting
  • Adapt to the connecting style of your prospects
  • Create impactful conversations
  • Create value for both sides
  • Establish credibility
  • Be proactive

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5 Considerations When Developing Service Line Priorities

Service Line Priorities

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Healthcare Organizations Don’t Succeed by Accident

Rather, organizational success most often comes from intentional and purposeful planning. Today’s hospitals face shrinking reimbursements, shifting reimbursement models and an increasing focus on reducing costs and utilization—making planning even more important.

To succeed in this environment, you must plan with purpose. It helps you grow in areas that improve organizational return and protect profitability. It also keeps you focused on your core mission, helping you avoid wasteful strategies.

Read this whitepaper to learn these five factors that will help you develop service line priorities:

  • Understand how each service line fits within your mission, vision & values
  • Measure the service line’s capacity & readiness for growth
  • Quantify the market opportunity for growth
  • Determine the service line’s value to your organization
  • Identify current & planned patient pathways


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Geomarketing: Target Customers Where They Live—Literally

Terrence Tucker, media supervisor at Response Mine Interactive

“When parents have children with fevers or a bout of stomach flu, whether they need a general practitioner or a specialist, they’ll generally look for doctors who are close to them,” observes Terrence Tucker, media supervisor at Response Mine Interactive. “Even if the need isn’t immediate and patients are just looking for a physical exam, Read More

5 Lessons Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the Retail Sector

5 Lessons Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the Retail Sector

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Advances in technology over the past decade have made it possible to track customers’ demographics, lifestyle, habits, and preferences. At Buxton, we work with some of the fastest growing retailers that regularly gather such data and put it to work helping to customize products and services to meet the needs that exist.

This information can be invaluable for healthcare systems: guiding operations, site decisions, and marketing efforts.

In this white paper you’ll discover the key lessons we’ve gleaned from the retail world and find out how they apply to healthcare strategy and marketing. These lessons can provide your organization with a valuable blueprint to guide your efforts and grow your market share.

Download your white paper and learn:

  • How healthcare systems can use customer analytics to strengthen their positions in the marketplace
  • Which retail strategies can help health care marketers identify, attract, and retain the most profitable patients
  • How a retail mindset helps health care systems meet the long-term goals of population health while still providing essential fee-for-service care to keep their operations sustainable

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10 Health Care Marketing Trends To Watch in 2017

“If what we’ve seen over the past year is any indication, 2017 won’t be for the faint of heart,” says Lindsay R. Resnick, Executive Vice President at ReviveHealth, a Weber Shandwick company. “Combine the dynamics of socioeconomic-political tensions with the massive transformation happening across health care’s ecosystem—regulatory, technology, competition, innovation, finance, clinical—and you get an Read More

Turning a Tight Budget + Low Brand Awareness Into Health Care Marketing Success

Peter Hochstein

“As the health sciences have advanced, pressure to see more patients in less time has also grown. Little wonder that doctor-patient relationships often seem less personal—and consequently less satisfying—than they once were,” notes veteran copywriter and regular SHCM columnist Peter Hochstein. “It was just this kind of society-wide malaise that provided a branding opportunity for Read More

The Metrics That Matter for Your Health Care Marketing Efforts

David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts

“The concept of measuring the metrics associated with health care marketing and communications efforts is far from new,” notes David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts in Ellicott City, Maryland (and member of the Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board). “When I entered the field in 1980, one of the first questions asked by Read More

Use Consumer Data To Improve the Quality of the Care You Provide

Keith Schneider, Director of Consumer & Brand for Professional Research Consultants (PRC)

“As a health care marketer or leader, you know your health care system doesn’t specialize in everything,” Keith Schneider notes. “By pairing the needs of your market with your unique differentiators, your team has chosen its investments wisely. “This intelligent approach allows you to focus on excellence. Yet you might be surprised that, despite service Read More

What Has Marketing Delivered for Your Organization? Exploring Health Care Provider Marketing Metrics in 2016 and Beyond

David Marlowe, Principal of Strategic Marketing Concepts

// By David Marlowe // Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying “everything that can be counted does not necessarily count and everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted”—probably an apt philosophy for the challenges facing marketers in health care provider settings relative to the area of “metrics.” These days we often refer to these Read More

Predictive Analytics Facilitate a Successful Health System Growth Strategy

Pamela Ladu, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Ambulatory Planning and Logistics, Cooper University Health Care

Placing your service lines, retail clinics, and outpatient facilities in optimal locations may mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive marketplace. These days, it’s no longer enough to make decisions about where to locate new offerings based on available sites or what an organization “thinks” might work. Rather, the savviest organizations are Read More

A Money-Back Guarantee In Health Care? Yes.

Peter Hochstein

When new CEO David Feinberg, M.D., arrived at Geisinger Health System in May 2015, he saw a large system with a great reputation for medical innovation and outcomes. “But its reputation among its patients based on their hospital experiences? Not so great,” says copywriter and regular SHCM contributor Peter Hochstein. Hochstein notes that the hospital regularly surveys employees, patients, Read More

How One Health Care Organization Uses Predictive Analytics to Avoid Growing Pains

Pamela Ladu, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Ambulatory Planning and Logistics, Cooper University Health Care

// By Lisa Ellis // Placing your service lines, retail clinics, and outpatient facilities in optimal locations may mean the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive marketplace. These days, it’s no longer enough to make decisions about where to locate new offerings based on available sites or what an organization “thinks” might work. Read More

A Hospital Marketer’s Guide to Aligning Digital & Traditional Marketing

Evariant White Paper: A Hospital Marketer's Guide to Aligning Traditional and Digital Marketing

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Learn the Ten Steps To Success

Download your free copy to learn how to successfully integrate and optimize traditional digital marketing, and make more efficient use of social platforms. The guide also addresses:

  • Shift in consumer’s trust
  • Engaging patients with multichannel marketing
  • Opportunities and challenges of digital marketing
  • Integrating social media in your marketing
  • Ten Steps to Success

Over the last decade, consumer behavior has shifted. Even though traditional marketing tactics still work, hospital marketers must develop a multichannel approach to reach patients.

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Embracing Collective Differences to Build One Cohesive Health Care Brand

Daniel P. Stevens

// By Daniel P. Stevens, DMD, PhD, MBA // Health care is changing—and so are health care brand campaigns. Building a strong health care brand in an environment that is undergoing drastic change is challenging: the switch from fee for service to value-based care; the emergence of accountable care organizations; the consolidation of hospitals—the list Read More

Advertising—and a Revolutionary Refund Policy—Help to Change the Brand Experience at Geisinger Health System

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising  // By Peter Hochstein // How fast can you turn a ship around—a really big ship? Here’s what happened at Geisinger Health System, with 12 hospital campuses; 1,472 licensed beds combined; over 2.6 million outpatient visits annually; two research centers; 30,000 employees; 1,600 employed physicians; plus a 510,000-member health plan. All Read More