Keys to Effective Health System Service Line Planning for the Future

March 26, 2024

// By Brian Griffin //

Brian GriffinCommonSpirit Health’s framework for successfully achieving clinically aligned service line growth.

In the evolving health care landscape, developing successful service line strategies is more challenging than ever.

Health systems are dealing with a range of issues and trends that affect the process, such as:

  • Mounting financial pressures.
  • Shifting payment models.
  • Escalating competition from other providers and disruptors.
  • Increasing post-COVID consumer expectations.
  • Changing physician relationships.
  • Rising staffing shortages.
  • Expanding regulatory and compliance demands.
  • Advancing medical and digital technology.
  • Growing health equity and inclusion needs.

Against this backdrop of transformation, the question becomes: What are the best ways to build effective service lines for the future?

Prioritize Service Lines

Amanda Trask, senior vice president, Clinical Institutes and Service Lines for CommonSpirit Health

Amanda Trask, senior vice president, Clinical Institutes and Service Lines for CommonSpirit Health

“It starts with understanding the health system’s strengths and weaknesses and the needs of the community in this post-pandemic environment,” says Amanda Trask, senior vice president for Clinical Institutes and Service Lines at CommonSpirit Health. Trask addressed the topic during a session at the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development Annual Conference (SHSMD Connections) along with Lindsley Withey, senior strategic healthcare advisor. “Executive teams, strategists, and clinical leaders that use a structured approach to identifying service line priorities position their health system for future success,” notes Trask.

Read on to learn more about the CommonSpirit Health in-depth approach to growing services that generate ROI and improving those that don’t.

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