Advertising Showcase: Centra’s “It’s My Life” Brand Campaign

March 25, 2024

Each month, Strategic Health Care Marketing Advertising Showcase features challenges, tactics, and outcomes of a multimedia advertising campaign, offering strategic and creative insights from some of the nation’s leading hospitals, health systems, and health-related organizations.

“It’s My Life” Brand Campaign

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In early 2022, the Centra marketing team recognized the need to evolve the look and feel of the organization’s advertising. This action was in response to a slight erosion in brand trust, particularly among women and consumers under the age of 40. The health system marketing team, in collaboration with its agency Unlock Health, created the “It’s My Life” campaign based on the strength of personal, lifelong relationships Centra caregivers have with patients they serve.

The campaign uses a storytelling approach to create an emotional connection with consumers by featuring a real patient sharing her health journey with Centra. The tone and messaging are authentic and inspiring, conveying the bond patients establish with their Centra caregivers. This testimonial supports Centra’s overall brand position, clearly conveying the organization’s commitment to helping every member of the community thrive and live their best life.

Continue reading to learn the strategy behind Centra’s “It’s My Life” Brand Campaign.

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