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How To Convince Patients It’s Safe — and Smart — To Return

Lewis Clark, vice president of marketing/media/public relations, Deborah Heart and Lung Center

At the Deborah Heart and Lung Center in southern New Jersey, the task of letting patients know it was safe and even wise to return evolved into a multimedia effort. The campaign has been paying off with a substantial increase in patient visits. In Peter Hochstein’s new story, he explains how they’re doing it. Here’s Read More

Coronavirus: If You Offer the Answers You Become the Leader

Bruce Silverman

“If you become a trusted source of information in a time of crisis, you are demonstrating leadership rather than simply claiming it. And people notice,” says veteran copywriter and frequent SHCM contributor Peter Hochstein. In his new article, he discusses the value of becoming a source of information and reassurance during a crisis, with key Read More