Advertising Showcase: Yuma Regional Medical Center “We Believe” Quality Campaign

June 5, 2024

Each month, Strategic Health Care Marketing Advertising Showcase features challenges, tactics, and outcomes of a multimedia advertising campaign, offering strategic and creative insights from some of the nation’s leading hospitals, health systems, and health-related organizations.

Yuma Regional Medical Center
“We Believe” Quality Campaign

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Yuma Regional Medical Center’s (YRMC) quality journey began when the health system saw significant operational and clinical improvements, resulting from transformational change where all employees were actively engaged in more than 400 quality improvement projects. But for employees and the community, this positive message needed to be amplified.

Machele Headington

Machele Headington, senior vice president of marketing and communications at YRMC

“We were winning awards, but employee and provider engagement surveys told a different story,” says Machele Headington, senior vice president of marketing and communications at YRMC. “Employees did not recognize the high quality they were delivering. We want people to believe in their work and to know that their contributions are making a difference,” adds Headington. “So we launched an internal campaign to highlight the daily quality efforts that positively impact the patients and families we serve.”

For a full year, YRMC’s marketing team captured and shared ”moments” — messages that helped employees see the connection between the work they performed and quality improvements, and reignited new energy among team members across the health system.

Beginning in year two, the campaign provided the opportunity for YRMC to share its story with the community from the voice and commitment of the employees and providers who deliver the care every day.

Read on to see how Yuma Regional Medical Center’s “We Believe” campaign elevated the perception of quality for both internal and external audiences.

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