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Learn What Your Patients Really Want—And Target Your Marketing Accordingly

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Health care organizations increasingly focus on improving the patient experience as reimbursement levels are now tied to this essential measurement. Further, when patients aren’t satisfied with their medical care or how office staff treats them, they are apt to shop around for a new provider. Yet all too often, areas where health care organizations invest Read More

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Physician Relations

Ritch K. Eich, PhD

Q. What do the peach orchards of Northern California and most major health systems have in common? A. More than you might think, according to Ritch K. Eich, who worked on several ranches to earn his way through college before going on to build an impressive career that has included serving as vice president, senior Read More

8 Current and Future Health Care Trends: Experts Weigh In

Diane R. Weber, RN, BSN, MHA, SHSMD’s Executive Director

// By Lisa D. Ellis // What trends should be on your radar screen as you navigate the ever-changing health care field? Find out what a group of experts say is coming down the road so you can help your organization be prepared for whatever comes next. SHSMD’s Futurescan 2017-2022: Health Care Trends and Implications Read More

Blogging Can Spread Knowledge Within—as Well as Beyond—Your Organization

Blogging is becoming an increasingly important way to communicate with your target audience. And it can also provide a valuable forum for your staff to share their experiences and ideas within the larger organization and beyond. This lesson comes from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, where some forward-thinking staff members created Read More

What To Do When a Blogging Doctor Goes Off-Message

Physician-contributed writing provides a great way to provide thought leadership and to share your medical staff members’ expertise more broadly. It can also help to personalize your organization and make a deeper connection with patients. But it’s essential that any staff-contributed writing goes through a defined editorial process that ensures the content accurately represents your Read More

How Physician Relations Can Build Value Into Every Visit

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Build-Value-into-Every-VisitAn ideal visit between a physician liaison and a physician ends with both parties believing the visit was a valuable use of their limited time.

That’s why building value into every visit is so important, not just for the liaison, but for the physician. If they feel meeting with you is a good use of their time, they’ll do it again. If not, your next meeting might be with their gatekeeper. Respect their time and they’ll give you more of it.

Read this whitepaper to learn the details of these 7 actionable steps to building value into your meetings

  • Have a goal for every meeting
  • Prepare for every meeting
  • Adapt to the connecting style of your prospects
  • Create impactful conversations
  • Create value for both sides
  • Establish credibility
  • Be proactive

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