Phoenix Children’s Focuses on Increasing Physician Referrals to Grow Patient Volumes for Specialty Care Services

November 29, 2023

Building strong relationships with providers is the centerpiece of a multiphase marketing initiative.

// By Brian Griffin //

Brian GriffinThe population of the Phoenix metro area is booming. During the past decade (2012-2022), the region gained 800,00 residents to surpass the 5 million mark in population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

This is good news for Phoenix Children’s health system, which is benefitting from an influx of young families moving into the area.

Shelly Caldrello, director, physician relations at Phoenix Children’s

Shelly Caldrello, director, physician relations at Phoenix Children’s

“At a time when many parts of the country are experiencing a decline in births, our market is seeing a sharp increase,” says Shelly Caldrello, director of physician relations at Phoenix Children’s.

To capture a greater share of the burgeoning market, the marketing team launched an ambitious initiative a year ago to increase physician referrals and grow patient volumes for the Center for Fetal and Neonatal Care, one of Phoenix Children’s primary drivers of internal referrals.

“It serves as a major feeder because newborns treated at the center often have additional medical conditions requiring specialized care from other health system services, such as pediatric cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics,” notes Loren Farquhar, a marketing consultant to the team.

Read on to gain insights into Phoenix Children’s approach to increasing physician referrals that was featured in a recent conference by the American Hospital Association’s Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development.

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