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How to Improve Outcomes and Exceed Patient Expectations with RPM and IoT

Chintan Prajapati is a Senior Solutions Architect at Apexon

Real-time connections between patients and providers — inside and outside the four walls of hospitals — offer benefits to both. What are the strategic implications? // By Chintan Prajapati // Higher consumer expectations, increased digitization, and the Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to the trend toward monitoring patient health remotely. This new frontier has ushered Read More

Report Download: Service Line Growth: Optimized Search & Social Campaigns Supercharge Health Risk Assessments

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Heath Risk Assessments offer an effective way to educate and motivate at-risk patients to take action to improve their overall health – and our Heart Health Assessment, one of our most popular HRAs, is no exception.

Discover how a year-long Google & Facebook campaign generated impressive Heart Health risk assessment traffic, completions and appointments.

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Monigle Survey Ranks the Most Humanized Health Care Brand Experiences

Althea Fung

When providers demonstrate warmth and an empathetic, human view of health care, it matters to consumers. // By Althea Fung // People respond to people. But with the rise of technology in marketing, many brands sound less and less human. This is particularly true in health care, where organizations haven’t traditionally been consumer-centric. But some Read More

Brand Love Drives Fierce Consumer Loyalty, According to New Study


One of the most common concerns for any health care organization is: How do you build and establish brand loyalty among your constituents? According to a recent study, the answer might lie in the development of “brand love” as a driving theme in a brand’s lexicon. Language has long influenced the worldview of organizations and Read More

Post Health System Brands: The Future of Health Care Marketing?

Chris Bevolo, chief brand officer, Revive

Welcome to a new age of “Post Health System Brands.” This is another way of saying that moving a brand beyond the product offered to deeper meaning is now expected by consumers as well as by the workforce and the communities where they live, work, and play. Health system brands have been built the same Read More

Establishing Brand Relevance with the Language of Love


When we connect with stakeholders on an emotional level, we forge strong attachments that drive the behaviors and bottom-line results we all want. // By Dan Dunlop and Stephanie Gonthier // Health care organizations currently face a number of significant challenges: recruitment and retention, DEI-related reforms, addressing health inequities in the communities we serve, and Read More