How To Navigate The New World of Health Care Cost Transparency

Daniel Weinbach, president and CEO of Weinbach Group; Richard Klass, co-founder of KCI Partners; and Justin Irizarry, co-founder and CFO of OrthoNOW

You probably wouldn’t buy an appliance or book a cruise without knowing what it will cost. Yet historically, health care systems have expected patients to undergo various diagnostic tests, procedures, and treatments without any idea of what they will be charged. But times are changing quickly. While most patients are not yet comparison-shopping based on Read More

Can Fitness Trackers Move Your Organization into the Future?

Michelle Berryman, managing director of strategy & innovation at LiquidHub

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Do you wear a fitness tracker to count your steps or follow other health-related measures? Many people who access health care services within your system also probably use the latest devices to monitor details like activity level, amount of sleep, and blood pressure. All of this information can paint Read More

Journalist Draws From His Own Frustrations to Create Expert-Source Matching Tool; Benefits for Health Care Marketing Teams

Stavros Rougas, co-founder, Expertise Finder

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Today’s latest expert-source matching tools can be a valuable part of any health care organization’s marketing strategy. One such expert-matching service called Expertise Finder was formed by a former journalist to help writers and media outlets find researchers and other experts with specific knowledge and data to share. Services Read More

Integrated Cloud-Based CRMs Open Doors with Major Donors

Lisa D. Ellis

// By Lisa D. Ellis // When most people think of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it’s usually in the context of service line promotion and prospecting for patients. But CRMs also present similar opportunities and challenges for fundraising, too. Here’s how two health systems recently used CRM and data-related services and tools to strengthen their Read More

Physician Relations: The Secret to Keeping Patients in Your Network

Katie Alexander, Tampa General Hospital

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Close examination of your referral patterns may bring to light some surprising gaps in your current practices that could be impacting your revenues. That was recently the case at Tampa General Hospital (TGH), says Katie Alexander, director of physician relations at TGH. But once her organization identified the problem Read More

5 Key Stops on Your Patients’ Decision-Making Journey

The journey to selecting a health care system is not unlike the way people decide to buy a car, book a vacation destination, or hire a plumber. In fact, the basic consumer journey model can be adapted to almost any industry, according to Stephen Moegling, chief growth officer at Franklin Street, a health care brand Read More