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How To Attract and Retain Top Nursing Talent

Kathy Selker, President, Northlich

Facing a nursing shortage projected to increase in coming years, hospitals need to know how to hire and retain top talent — and marketing has a key role in this critical objective. Here’s an excerpt from Kathy Selker‘s new article for us on this topic; Selker is the president and CEO of Northlich. Health care needs Read More

Optimal Marketing Enables the Right Provider Match

“Marketers charged with leading their health systems into the new era of consumerism understand the hard truth about regional markets: They are a zero-sum game,” says Tom White, CEO of Phynd Technologies. Here’s an excerpt from White’s new article for Strategic Health Care Marketing: Marketers and business teams must create and market new networks to Read More

Case Study: How One Hospital Survived a Ransomware Attack

The evening of January 11, 2018, Steve Long, president and CEO of Hancock Health and Hancock Regional Hospital, got a call he’s not likely to soon forget. “Our administrator on call had received a call from the lab. They said there is something wrong with our computers,” says Long. Not long after, the nursing staff Read More

High-Tech Care Delivery Plus High-Touch Human Interaction

Ed Rafalski, senior vice president and chief strategy and marketing officer at BayCare Health System

Consumerism is driving all industries to innovate, and health care is no exception. The ideal state is a digitally enabled, frictionless consumer experience. But in a highly complex industry like health care that has traditionally operated with a command-and-control vs. consumer-centric mindset, it’s a massive change. Adding to the cultural challenges, the pain points on Read More

Consumerism: 9 Factors Reshaping the Health Care Landscape

“Health consumerism continues to revolutionize the health care industry,” says Ken Robbins, founder and president of Response Mine Interactive (RMI). “The days when patients blindly followed their doctors’ recommendations — often without a single question asked — are long gone. Today, physicians and health care organizations face a much more engaged and empowered population. Patients are playing Read More

A High-Touch Health Care Marketing Success Story

Terri Hanlon-Bremer, vice president of employer solutions, TriHealth

“In the occupational medicine business, quality service delivery is the differentiator,” says Terri Hanlon-Bremer, vice president of employer solutions at TriHealth in Cincinnati. “If a company is not happy with your service, they will quickly change to another provider.” Health care marketers are always looking for new ways to reach consumers through social media platforms, Read More

How To Stand Out in a Crowded Subspecialty

Mark Kriegsman, senior director of marketing communications and strategy, Orthopaedic Institute for Children

Pediatric hospitals and other facilities that treat children face a number of marketing challenges that health providers treating adults do not face. The two most significant barriers health care marketers must overcome are that they are marketing to parents, not the actual potential patient, and that parents do not want to think about children being Read More

How To Land Top Talent in a Hot Job Market

Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of Ladders

When Strategic Health Care Marketing caught up with Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of Ladders, a popular high-end career website, he reiterated what we first heard last spring: “It’s the greatest market in 50 years.” “Job candidates don’t have the time of day,” he says. “They’re very busy. People have three or four conversations going, Read More

Edward M. Rafalski and Kathy Selker Join Editorial Advisory Board of Strategic Health Care Marketing

Ed Rafalski and Kathy Selker

The Strategic Health Care Marketing Editorial Advisory Board is made up of leaders in the health care marketing field who are committed to shaping the future of the industry. They offer ongoing feedback on our editorial coverage, write occasional articles, and point us to developments and people SHCM members like you should know about. I am very pleased to announce that Edward M. Rafalski, Ph.D., MPH, FACHE, and Kathy Selker have joined this elite group.

The Key Components of an Effective Health Care Marketing Plan

Health Care Marketing Plans That Work - book cover

If you’ve ever had a physician demand a billboard that wasn’t in your budget — and who hasn’t? — you can attest to the value of a well-constructed marketing plan. It gives you a blueprint to guide your marketing activities throughout the year, and arms you to defend against misguided requests. What are the components Read More

Why Effective Management of the Patient Journey Is Essential

Rich Phillips CEO and co-founder of Customer Evolution

“The U.S. health care industry is undergoing tremendous change — some might say disruption,” says Rich Phillips, CEO and co-founder of Customer Evolution. “This is driven by multiple factors, including rising consumer expectations, the significant cost of care noncompliance, and the emergence of nontraditional competitors.” In his new article, Phillips explains why health care marketers Read More

Technology’s Role in Managing Chronic Conditions

Kathy Selker, president and CEO, Northlich

“Telemedicine is more than a nascent trend — it’s here to stay,” according to Kathy Selker, president and CEO of Northlich, an independent, full-service marketing and advertising agency. Selker’s new article explores how technology, such as wearables, can help patients with chronic conditions better monitor their health — and how marketers can connect with and Read More

Walking the Talk with Price Transparency

Kathy Delis, administrative director of revenue cycle support, University of Utah Health

A 2017 price transparency study published in the journal Hospital Pediatrics found 30 out of 45 pediatric hospitals contacted provided price estimates. Only 12 of the 30 that provided estimates had online price calculators. A new price transparency guideline from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which went into effect in January, is Read More

How (and Why) To Encourage Your Employees To Eat Well

Kansas Hospital Association Logo

Your hospital may get high marks for caring for patients, but how well does it measure up in caring for your employees’ health? The Kansas Hospital Association (KHA) is taking a leadership role in encouraging a growing number of health systems to serve up more nutritious options in their cafeterias and vending machines, with the Read More

Women Make Health Care Decisions – Does Your Marketing Reflect This?

Kathy Selker

“While hospitals cater to everyone, their most influential consumers are women, who make 80 percent of health care decisions in America,” says Kathy Selker. Selker is president and CEO of Northlich, an independent full-service marketing and advertising agency. In our new article, Selker discusses how to connect with this key health care demographic. Here’s an Read More

A “Big Reveal” Approach To a Successful Rebrand

Flagler Health Plus Logo - square

For well over a century, Flagler Hospital has gone to great lengths to care for the physical health of residents living in St. John’s County in northeastern Florida. But while its commitment to health has remained constant over the decades, in recent years its focus has broadened beyond the physical aspects of providing inpatient care Read More

What Do Consumers Want From Your Health Care Organization?

Dan Clarin, senior vice president of Kaufman, Hall & Associates

Want to increase your health care organization’s market share? Think like a consumer. That’s the advice of Dan Clarin, CFA, senior vice president of Kaufman, Hall & Associates, a health care consulting, software, and data company. Improving access to care, aligning price with value, and providing better patient experience are key to increasing market share, Read More

Book Takes a Positive View of Health Care Achievements

Michael J. Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health

There are many reasons to write a book, but Michael J. Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health, identifies the need for an objective look at health care that takes positive achievements into account as well as challenges as his reason for co-authoring Health Care Reboot: Megatrends Energizing American Medicine. “I was growing increasingly frustrated Read More

Want Headlines? Create Your Own Newsroom.

Cape Cod Health News Home Page

Many great stories exist at Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC), just waiting to be told. Yet until recently, there was a shortage of opportunities and avenues to share most of them, says Patrick Kane, senior vice president, communications and business development of CCHC. This prompted Kane to take matters into his own hands to create a Read More

Creating a Unified Brand for Permanente Medical Group

Stephen M. Parodi, MD, associate executive director of The Permanente Medical and executive vice president of external affairs for The Permanente Federation

Permanente Medical Group leaders set out to create a unified brand for its eight medical groups around the country, the health system’s physician leaders went on the road to engage with physicians and patients at every single location. The findings have enabled the medical groups to be developed as an “ingredient brand” to bring value Read More

Wayfinding Apps Help Patients Navigate Your Facility

Althea Fung

In 2015, The Jewish Hospital — Mercy Health, a 184-bed acute-care facility in Cincinnati, was in the midst of a massive expansion project when a problem arose. “We were almost doubling the size of the hospital. During construction, we had to close our main entrance. So we had all of these altered routes of traffic. Read More

Technology, Community are Keys to Solving Opioid Epidemic

“There are about 2.5 million people addicted to opioids, but only 10 to 20 percent of them get help,” says Andrey Ostrovsky, MD, chief medical officer at Solera Health (and former CMO of Medicaid). Solera Health is an “integrated health network” that “connects patients, providers, and physicians to a network of partners who are preventing Read More

Stay On Top of What People Are Saying About You Online

Aaron Clifford, senior vice president of marketing, Binary Fountain

For better or worse, in 2019, most organizations find that their online reviews have a profound influence on patient choice of a physician. In practical terms, this means you need to stay on top of exactly what people are saying online about your providers and facilities. This will allow you to respond to their compliments Read More

Is Your Culture Undermining Your Engagement Efforts?

Donald Wee, CEO, Tri-State Memorial Hospital and Medical Campus

What message is your organization’s culture sending to your employees? If it doesn’t tell the people you employ that you value their input, you’re missing an important chance to get them more engaged in your day-to-day operations. You may also be losing out on a valuable differentiator in a competitive marketplace. At Tri-State Memorial Hospital Read More

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