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How to Succeed in Health Care Podcasting: Award-Winning Strategies from Top Health Systems

Sydney Kishimoto, marketing specialist, Department of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine

Podcasts are a popular and well-established audio medium used by health care organizations of all sizes to share longer-form content that educates, inspires, entertains, and provides thought leadership to various audiences. Discover secrets of award-winning podcasts from three top organizations and get practical tips to make podcasting vital for your marketing strategy.

Measuring What Matters: A Framework for Healthcare CRM Success

Abhi Sharma, former chief product officer, Loyal

CRM is evolving, helping health care leaders prioritize high-value communications that enhance profitability and support patients. Yet, today’s CRM often falls short of customer expectations. Are these expectations realistic, or are organizations expecting too much? Explore the current state and future possibilities of health care CRM.

Discover How Top Health Systems Leverage Enterprise-Wide Collaboration to Drive Growth

Skip Hidlay The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

A focused, bidirectional collaboration between health system call centers and marketing teams is critical to ensuring positive customer experiences that deliver on the brand promise and ultimately drive organizational targets for growth and revenue. Too often, health system marketing and Access teams operate separately and don’t align to create the best customer service journey. This Read More

How Riverside Health Boosted Patient Engagement with Automated Audience Segmentation

Eileen Varnson, vice president, marketing, communications, and digital strategy, Riverside Health System

Last year, Virginia-based Riverside Health System set out to enhance digital communications with its patients in pursuit of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim. Eileen Varnson, vice president of marketing, communications, and digital strategy, determined that the best way to achieve this ambitious objective was to partner with Upfront Healthcare to adopt a personalized Read More

Strategies for Developing a Dynamic Health Care Brand and Bringing It to Life

Jeremy Harper, chief strategy and marketing officer, Corewell Health

Static brands result in static organizations. Dynamic, forward-leaning brands break through the noise and unleash the real potential that can change not only your organization but the industry as a whole. When two major hospital systems merged to form the largest health system in Michigan, the marketing team had a unique opportunity — to create Read More

LCMC Health Integrates Brand and Culture to Improve Patient Experience

Christine Albert, APR, chief experience officer, LCMC Health

The goal for any hospital and health system is to successfully activate and operationalize the service trio of brand, culture, and experience to achieve business loyalty, recruit exceptional talent, and provide the best experience for people in need of care. The recipe for success in today’s transforming health care delivery model needs all three to Read More

Service Line Growth Strategies for Health Care Marketers

Lindsley Withey, senior strategic healthcare advisor

In the evolving health care landscape, developing successful service line strategies is more challenging than ever. Health systems are dealing with a range of issues and trends that affect the process, such as: Mounting financial pressures. Shifting payment models. Escalating competition from other providers and disruptors. Increasing post-COVID consumer expectations. Changing physician relationships. Rising staffing Read More

How One Health System Leverages AI to Optimize Workflows

Orest Holubec, EVP and chief communication officer, Providence

When ChatGPT burst into the public consciousness in late 2022, it sent ripples of excitement and concern through many professions. Those working in public relations and communication were especially interested. Questions abounded. Debate ensued. Would AI be a helpful addition to our jobs that we could control? Or something that would end our work as Read More

Conference Preview: HMPS24 Will Keep You Educated, Informed, and Connected

Dean Browell, chief behavioral officer, Feedback

When a health care conference sends out a call for speakers nine months in advance, you might wonder how current the sessions will be by the time the live event rolls around. That’s where the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS24) advisory committee — made up of industry leaders convened by conference producer Judy Read More

How One Health System Unifies its Brand Message Across Diverse Markets

Jeff Stewart, FACHE, vice president, strategic marketing, CHRISTUS Health

How do you craft a cohesive message platform that makes sense for an expanding organization comprising three separate religious congregations with hospitals and health care facilities spread across Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico? The answer? Build from your mission and stay focused on purpose. Jeff Stewart, vice president of strategic marketing for CHRISTUS Health, and Read More

How Can Health Care Organizations Bridge the Digital Divide?

David Grandy, national vice president, innovation for Kaiser Permanente

For most Americans, expansion of digital health care at hospitals and health systems across the nation has improved the patient experience and medical outcomes. But for individuals unable to access broadband internet service or lacking ability or desire to use web-based tools, modern medicine’s benefits are beyond their grasp. Innovators at California-based Kaiser Permanente (KP) Read More

An Innovative Approach to Reducing Workforce Shortages and Burnout in Health Care

Debora Goldberg Ph.D., associate professor, College of Public Health, George Mason University

People stay in their jobs when they feel valued, respected, and where relationships and teamwork are strong in high-pressure environments. At a time of unprecedented change in health care, the twin challenges of workforce shortages and burnout have emerged as formidable adversaries that impact the delivery of health care services to patients across the U.S., Read More

Unlock Health Aims to Fulfill Industry Need for Unified Growth Platform

Brandon Edwards, CEO, Unlock Health

Whenever there’s an announcement about a major M&A move, it makes you wonder about the backstory. Why did Company A decide to acquire Company B? What did both sides hope to gain? What market needs did they solve for? And how will customers benefit? Unlock Health announced its acquisition of SPM Group on November 28, Read More

Northwell Health Inspires Brand Love with “Resolutions” Campaign


Welcome to the first Strategic Health Care Marketing Advertising Showcase. Each month, we feature challenges, tactics, and outcomes of a multimedia advertising campaign — offering you strategic and creative insights from some of the nation’s leading hospitals, health systems, and health-related organizations. Opportunity This past holiday season, the Northwell Health marketing team saw the opportunity Read More

Improving Access for Vulnerable Patient Populations

Laura Ferrio, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Traumatic injury of the brain or spine can be caused by a sports or work accident, age-related, or other medical issues. Whatever the cause, physical rehabilitation requires a significant amount of follow-up home care after a patient leaves the hospital. But all too often, social determinants of health ­and barriers to access impact a patient’s Read More

“Fasten Your Seatbelts”: Health Care Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Political, social, and marketplace trends crisscrossing the health care landscape going into 2024 present actionable strategic and operational challenges — and opportunities. Overall, the 2024 forecast for the health care sector is “fasten your seat belts.” Investments in technology adoption or replacement, labor costs, spending on infrastructure, and a volatile economy translate into higher insurance Read More

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