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Huddle Up for Customer Service Success

Think back to the last time you went to a restaurant or store, and your server or sales clerk took the time to ask how your day was going or made an effort to form a personal connection. This probably made you feel welcome and left you with a favorable impression of the establishment. Incorporating Read More

Don’t Let Media Visits Trigger a HIPAA Violation

Jennifer Perry

Health care marketers today face many conflicting priorities, such as: Promote your organization widely. Protect patient privacy. Develop strong relationships with the media. Prevent journalists from coming into protected areas. Personalize your service lines. Don’t share patient names and details. Can all of these goals happen simultaneously without violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Read More

Oversharing on Social Media Can Lead to HIPAA Violations

Health care marketers have lots of hurdles to overcome to achieve their organizational goals, and one of the biggest to conquer is ensuring your organization meets HIPAA requirements in all that it does. In a new story, we discuss how to effectively engage health care consumers via social media without violating patient privacy concerns. Jay Hodes, Read More

Minnesota Health Care System Ads Target the Fit and Healthy

Peter Hochstein

Duluth, a four-season city with 11,000 acres of green space alongside the great Lake Superior, has miles of trails and over 100 parks, providing a suitable back drop for a multitude of recreation activities. “The quote above, from Duluth, Minnesota’s Parks and Recreation website, helps to explain a population trend that inspired a hospital advertising Read More

Are Your Lab Services an Untapped Source of Revenue?

Brad Bostic

Is your health system marketing its laboratory services to people outside your network? If not, there may be untapped opportunities worth pursuing. “Laboratory outreach, the practice of making hospital lab services available to customers other than patients, is gaining traction as hospitals increasingly view labs as potential revenue generators. In fact, lab outreach programs today Read More

Create Compelling Health Care Marketing Campaigns — Without Compromising Privacy

When it comes to marketing your health care services, you may find yourself grappling with the challenge of personalizing your promotional materials without being able to share any specific information about your patients. This paradox can make it difficult to market your organization to the full extent. That’s also the case for pharmaceutical companies, which Read More

High-Tech Practice, Old-School Marketing (That Works)

Behavioral Associates logo

A quick search of the Psychology Today online directory for therapists in New York City turns up close to 5,500 options. With that much competition, the most successful practices are hard-pressed to find a way to stand out. Robert Reiner, PhD, executive director and founder of Behavioral Associates, a behavioral health practice on the Upper Read More

Learn What Your Patients Really Want—And Target Your Marketing Accordingly

West logo

Health care organizations increasingly focus on improving the patient experience as reimbursement levels are now tied to this essential measurement. Further, when patients aren’t satisfied with their medical care or how office staff treats them, they are apt to shop around for a new provider. Yet all too often, areas where health care organizations invest Read More

Small Hospital Employs “Guerrilla Marketing” To Great Effect

Peter Hochstein

“You know you’re in rural America when the front page of the local newspaper features a story about one of its delivery truck drivers finding his route blocked by a pair of obstinate moose,” observes Peter Hochstein, veteran copywriter and regular SHCM contributor. “It happened in Gloversville, New York, population 15,315, and once the center of Read More

How To Create Content That Turns Leads Into Patients

Susan Gullion, associate director of search engine marketing at Sequence Health

“The health care sector lacks the rich marketing history of industries like retail or automotive, but today’s patients are more empowered than ever and the behaviors they display when seeking health care services or products largely mirror their shopping journeys for apparel, electronics, or any other household product,” says Susan Gullion, associate director of search Read More

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