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How To Thrive Amidst ACA Uncertainty

Lisa Ellis

The fate of the American health care system is currently unknown as a new health care plan is making its way through Congress, raising many questions for people working in health care organizations, as well as for the patients they serve. How can you be sure your organization is well positioned for whatever comes next? Read More

Beyond Testimonials: A Fresh Way To Advertise Your Expertise

Peter Hochstein

“If you’ve been involved with hospital advertising for a while, you’ve probably seen it all,” observes Peter Hochstein, veteran copywriter and SHCM contributor. “Touching testimonials from patients telling what a hospital’s doctors did for them. Doctors explaining how they collaborated on a medical breakthrough. Pictures galore of high-tech tools, people in surgical masks, MRI images Read More

Creative Ways To Engage Consumers and Move Them To Take Action

“Consumer engagement is one of those terms-of-the-moment in marketing to which marketers apply a variety of meanings,” says John Brand, senior director of marketing and public relations at St. Luke’s University Health Network. He says his organization defines “engagement” as “compelling consumers to take action on behalf of our brand, primarily in social spaces.” Brand says Read More

The Vital Role of Public Relations in Organ Donation

Tom Mone is chief executive officer, OneLegacy

“[T]here are few departments within a hospital that juggle more responsibilities, impact the organization’s brand as dramatically, or have as visible a role in telling the hospital’s story” as the PR and marketing departments, notes Tom Mone. “That said, there is one story that hasn’t been told as often or as boldly as it should. Read More

Blogging Can Spread Knowledge Within—as Well as Beyond—Your Organization

Blogging is becoming an increasingly important way to communicate with your target audience. And it can also provide a valuable forum for your staff to share their experiences and ideas within the larger organization and beyond. This lesson comes from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, where some forward-thinking staff members created Read More

Cook Up an Effective Marketing Strategy with these 8 Key Ingredients

Eric Brody

“Your health system or hospital story doesn’t matter—until it does,” says Eric Brody. “What matters is simply how your story fits into the lives of your audience.” Brody is president of Trajectory, a national branding and marketing agency. He notes that while this simple concept is tough to deliver on, it’s also critical to your success Read More

What To Do When a Blogging Doctor Goes Off-Message

Physician-contributed writing provides a great way to provide thought leadership and to share your medical staff members’ expertise more broadly. It can also help to personalize your organization and make a deeper connection with patients. But it’s essential that any staff-contributed writing goes through a defined editorial process that ensures the content accurately represents your Read More

Tips From Google for Driving Patient Traffic To Your Doors

It probably comes as no surprise that in 2017, people are relying on smartphones more than ever before. And most of them go beyond using these devices to make calls, send texts, and check their emails. They also go mobile to search for information, find services in their neighborhoods, and get directions. This trend has Read More

Case Study: Work Smarter, Not Harder, on Your Marketing Efforts

Henry Ford Health System Logo

Industrialist Henry Ford (1863-1947) manufactured the first affordable mass-produced car in the early 1900s, striving to improve the quality of life for many middle-class Americans. Now a full century later, the Henry Ford Health System is following his tradition by strengthening its marketing efforts to reach residents from all walks of life in the greater Read More

Geomarketing: Target Customers Where They Live—Literally

Terrence Tucker, media supervisor at Response Mine Interactive

“When parents have children with fevers or a bout of stomach flu, whether they need a general practitioner or a specialist, they’ll generally look for doctors who are close to them,” observes Terrence Tucker, media supervisor at Response Mine Interactive. “Even if the need isn’t immediate and patients are just looking for a physical exam, Read More