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Tips to Reduce Stigma in Your Health Care Marketing

Melissa Fors, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Let’s talk about something that often isn’t talked about enough in the health care industry: health care stigma. But more specifically, the role marketing can play in impacting social stigma around medical conditions. If you’re embarrassed by your medical diagnosis, you will probably keep it hidden. You may not seek help, or if you do, Read More

Has Your Health System Adopted Person-Centered Care?

Marcia Nelson, MD, chief medical officer, Enloe Medical Center

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: Health care is complex, dysfunctional, and slow to change. But one person can still make a difference. For Angelica Thieriot, it took a horrific experience as patient in a U.S. hospital in 1978 for her to imagine how different things could be if patients Read More

Tips for Effective Service-Line Marketing at Your Health Care Organization

Dara Krueger, executive director of international marketing and marketing account services, Cleveland Clinic

As a health care marketer, you’re acutely aware of how important it is to not only acquire patients and drive patient volume, but also to engage and retain those patients in order to establish long-term brand loyalty and improve ROI. The history of service-line promotion dates back to the early 1980s when marketers built brand Read More

Remote Patient Monitoring: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs

Richard Milani, MD, chief clinical transformation officer and vice chair of Cardiology, Ochsner Health

COVID escalated implementation of remote patient monitoring (RPM). Now, with the door pushed open, healthtech companies are competing to burst through and build clinical partnerships that stretch the boundaries of digital health. The potential for mobile health, which includes smartphone apps, wearables, and other monitoring devices, is massive. The percentage of physicians who feel digital health Read More

Tips for Mastering Short-Form Video Production for Your Health Care Brand

John Ferin

“So, you’ve been assigned to create a short-form video for your health care organization. Maybe you even have a ring light, a tripod, dedicated studio space, or a quality microphone. Now what?” says John Ferin, content strategy and development lead at ddm. In a new article, Ferin shares three tips that will serve you well Read More

How to Set Your Health System Apart From Competitors? Try Niche Marketing

Jeff Bean, vice president for system marketing & brand, Geisinger

If niche marketing is defined as the business of promoting and selling a product or service to a specialized segment of a market, then Geisinger has powered its expertise for a specific population and area that is expected to grow going forward. Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) is rapidly becoming a distribution and shipping hub for e-commerce Read More

Health Care Brand Positioning: Going From Good to Great

Chrisie Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Virtua Health

Health care brand positioning requires more than a clever tagline or slogan. It requires a strategy and rallying cry that inspires an organization and connects a community. It’s rare in marketing that you get to start from scratch on anything. Wherever you jump on the moving train, that’s your starting point, complete with legacy systems Read More

The Strategic Marketing and HR Approach to Enhancing Nurse Recruitment

Susan Williams, vice president of talent management, LifePoint Health

Nurse recruitment is vital to the growth and survival of every health care organization today. A successful nurse recruitment effort requires that departments break down the silos and come together to ensure that best practices from operations, human resources, internal communications, marketing strategy, and analytics are brought to the table. So what does it look Read More

For Health Care Marketers, SHSMD 2022 Was a Chance to Reflect and Recharge

Jane Weber Brubaker

The art of planning a conference involves taking the pulse of an industry, reflecting on the major themes, and creating a program that recharges attendees with inspirational ideas and the opportunity to build deeper connections with each other, and challenges them to think differently and consider fresh perspectives. At this year’s SHSMD Connections, it was Read More

Remote Patient Monitoring: Has the Tipping Point Arrived?

Chintan Prajapati is a Senior Solutions Architect at Apexon

Remote patient monitoring — inside and outside the four walls of a hospital, with real-time connections between patients and providers — offers benefits to both. During the pandemic, hospitals needed to efficiently provide care to more patients without compromising safety, doctor-patient engagement, quality of care delivery, and patient satisfaction. Higher consumer expectations, increased digitization, and Read More

Brand Love Drives Fierce Consumer Loyalty, According to New Study


One of the most common concerns for any health care organization is: How do you build and establish brand loyalty among your constituents? According to a recent study, the answer might lie in the development of “brand love” as a driving theme in a brand’s lexicon. Language has long influenced the worldview of organizations and Read More

Post Health System Brands: The Future of Health Care Marketing?

Chris Bevolo, chief brand officer, Revive

Welcome to a new age of “Post Health System Brands.” This is another way of saying that moving a brand beyond the product offered to deeper meaning is now expected by consumers as well as by the workforce and the communities where they live, work, and play. Health system brands have been built the same Read More

Have You Created a Sustaining Health System Brand?

Suzanne Bharati Hendery, Renown Health

A strong and sustaining health system brand is a living organism. It is conceived from the system’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan. It is hatched from empathy. It is nourished and allowed to flourish when expressed in one voice. So how does a health system bring its brand to life? What steps must be Read More

3 New Studies Map Consumers’ Reaction to Health Care Disruption

Jane Weber Brubaker

What do consumers value in their health care? How do they value the care from a health system compared to the care they might be offered by a non-traditional care provider? Health care has largely viewed those encroaching on its turf — from retail, big tech, and startups, among others — as a threat. But Read More

VCU Health Proves Non-Traditional Marketing Methods Can Pay Off

Cynthia Schmidt, director of marketing, VCU Health

As a health care marketer, how do you get a consumer to care about where she goes for her mammogram? About one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Studies have found that having screening mammography reduces breast cancer mortality by 40 percent in women of average risk between the ages Read More

UCSF Health Is Leveling Up for Digital Transformation

Aaron Neinstein, MD, vice president for digital health at UCSF Health

In most industries, digital transformation is more than a simple buzzword. It’s a connected experience for customers looking for access, convenience, on-demand service, and an expected good outcome. In health care, a two-plus-year pandemic accelerated the forces underlying these challenges, continuing to raise consumer expectations in an industry that historically struggles with real change for Read More

Behavioral Nudges Can Move Patients Forward in the Care Journey

Cathy Turner, director of health promotion and senior health, VHC Health

With new tools for rolling out the welcome mat at the digital front door, health care organizations today have the opportunity to provide frictionless online interactions and guided, personalized user experiences to acquire and engage patients. Using digital conversion tools and marketing tactics that influence consumer behavior, health care organizations can prompt individuals to take Read More

What is the Role of Marketing in Driving Growth for a Health Care Organization?

Sandra Mackey, Chief Marketing Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health

“Growth means different things to different organizations at different times,” says Daniel Fell of Optum. “One thing is very clear, though. The role of marketing has never been more critical.” Here’s an excerpt from Fell’s new article: We recently turned to several leading health care marketers across the country, representing a variety of health care Read More

At Renown Health, Employees Have a Friend in Senior Leadership


When you think of the view from the C-suite, you think of a physical or metaphorical high-rise vantage point. A position that sits above many others, taking in big-picture ideas and providing direction for the masses. But Renown Health’s Suzanne Hendery tries to keep that C-suite view on a similar level to her managers and Read More

A Shift From Volume To Value…and True Caring

Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, president and CEO, Geisinger

In a fee-for-service world, “there’s a pretty hefty incentive to continue to drive more care into these hospital platforms,” says Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, president and CEO of Geisinger. But is that what consumers want and need? Ryu doesn’t think so. “The reality is, not many people wake up and say, ‘I want to go Read More

A Medical Career Spent in Service of Improving Health Disparities


Growing up, Lloyd Dean saw the impact of health disparities in his own community. His experiences motivated him to use his formidable leadership abilities to change things for the better. He will retire this summer after a long and impactful career. “Imagine 11 people in a house of three bedrooms and being on welfare when Read More