Strategies for Developing a Dynamic Health Care Brand and Bringing It to Life

May 16, 2024
Jeremy Harper, chief strategy and marketing officer, Corewell Health

Jeremy Harper, chief strategy and marketing officer, Corewell Health

Static brands result in static organizations. Dynamic, forward-leaning brands break through the noise and unleash the real potential that can change not only your organization but the industry as a whole.

When two major hospital systems merged to form the largest health system in Michigan, the marketing team had a unique opportunity — to create a new brand that would unlock the value of integration and propel the organization forward.

Holly Sullivan, vice president of system branding and marketing for Corewell Health; Jeremy Harper, chief marketing and experience officer of Corewell Health; and Mark Baas, president of Baas Creative, shared the framework and strategy they deployed to rebrand the newly established health system during a presentation at SHSMD Connections 2023. We followed up with Sullivan for an update on the rebranding initiative.

“Some of the best advice I received when starting out on this journey was to build our brand from the inside out — start the process by rolling out and embedding the brand with your internal audience first,” says Sullivan. “That is why the brand was rolled out internally six months before it was launched externally. Our initial focus was on the team.”

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