Like All Brands, the Key to an Effective Employer Brand Is Your Promise — and Delivering on It

September 20, 2022

Does the brand promise you’re making reflect reality and the clear, explicit commitments your leadership and organization as a whole are willing to make?

// By Chris Bevolo and Benjamin Kalevitch // 

Chris Bevolo, chief brand officer, Revive Benjamin Kalevitch is executive vice president of United MindsWorkforce is the number-one issue facing hospitals and health systems today — and potentially for months or even years to come. COVID-19 burnout, skyrocketing labor costs, traveling-nurse issues, and thousands leaving the profession are all taking their toll.

How can health care marketing and communications executives help address these challenges?

Given the current environment, nothing could be more urgent to address. Among many strategies, developing an employer brand can help establish your organization as the employer of choice now and in the future. And as with all brands, the key to an effective employer brand is your promise.

While common in other industries, the use of employer brands to drive successful recruitment and retention is not as common in the health system space. Further, very few health system marketing leaders have responsibility for supporting recruitment and retention in a meaningful way. But given the workforce crisis the industry is facing, marketing leaders should be bringing their expertise to the challenge, and perhaps the most valuable way they can contribute is through the development of employer brands.

Value, from an employee perspective, is more than competitive pay, a safe work environment, or comprehensive professional development. Read on to find out what’s most important to current and future employees.

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