Brand Love Drives Fierce Consumer Loyalty, According to New Study

September 22, 2022

Dan Dunlop and Stephanie Gonthier

One of the most common concerns for any health care organization is: How do you build and establish brand loyalty among your constituents? According to a recent study, the answer might lie in the development of “brand love” as a driving theme in a brand’s lexicon.

Language has long influenced the worldview of organizations and employees. American marketing and business-speak evolved from the military’s command-and-control culture, where conflict and hostility are central to the concept of business. But this lexicon of war and conflict might be undermining much of what we hope to achieve in the health care industry.

Instead, what if love and compassion became the driving themes within our brand lexicons? How would that impact our brand persona and how our constituents relate to our brands inside and outside of the organization?

The theory is that when we connect with stakeholders on an emotional level, we forge strong attachments that drive the behaviors and bottom-line results we all want.

A recent study measured whether feelings and beliefs associated with “brand love” could predict if respondents would invest time and effort to use a brand and whether they would forgive mistakes.

In our new article by Dan Dunlop and Stephanie Gonthier, you’ll find out the results of the study and gain insight on how to establish brand love at your own health care organization.

You’ll also learn:

  • How brand love builds loyal consumer relationships and creates brand advocates
  • The three key factors contributing to brand loyalty and forgiveness among consumers, according to the study
  • How to ensure your brand is authentic and credible by transforming your organizational culture

Read the full article here: Establishing Brand Relevance with the Language of Love

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