ChristianaCare’s Rebrand: A Labor of Love

June 23, 2020

// By Marlene Kurban //

Rebranding a large health system is a complex undertaking that is more than a marketing and design challenge; it requires a thoughtful, strategic approach to be successful. ChristianaCare, the largest health care provider in Delaware, unveiled its new brand identity in October 2019, after an 18-month planning process with its agency, Wax Custom Communications.

The result? A transformation from top to bottom: a name change, a new logo, fresh imagery, and new messaging reflecting the organization’s commitment to serving the community.

Most important, the new brand helped ChristianaCare’s caregivers and community connect and understand the organization in a new way.

Drew Fennell, chief communications and experience officer at ChristianaCare

Drew Fennell, chief communications and experience officer, ChristianaCare

“We’ve served our community for more than 130 years,” says Drew Fennell, chief communications and experience officer, ChristianaCare. “We began as a hospital, then grew into a health system. But today ChristianaCare is an organization that is changing the dynamic of health care, innovating, leveraging technology, and engaging with communities to make an impact on health in transformative new ways. This change to our brand has helped to create a fresh understanding of who we are within the diverse communities we serve.”

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