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Journalist Draws From His Own Frustrations to Create Expert-Source Matching Tool; Benefits for Health Care Marketing Teams

Stavros Rougas, co-founder, Expertise Finder

// By Lisa D. Ellis // Today’s latest expert-source matching tools can be a valuable part of any health care organization’s marketing strategy. One such expert-matching service called Expertise Finder was formed by a former journalist to help writers and media outlets find researchers and other experts with specific knowledge and data to share. Services Read More

Yes, You Can Brand a Citywide Health Network for a Price Close to Chicken Feed These Days: Do Use Video Graphics and Multilingual Messaging, Just Don’t Use the “A” Word

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // Before anything, Rachael Kagan, director of communications for the San Francisco Department of Public Health, wants you to know that the campaign her department launched is not an advertising campaign. It’s a branding campaign, she insists. “It wasn’t about drawing more people or business,” she explains. Read More

Oversharing on Social Media Can Lead to HIPAA Violations

Health care marketers have lots of hurdles to overcome to achieve their organizational goals, and one of the biggest to conquer is ensuring your organization meets HIPAA requirements in all that it does. In a new story, we discuss how to effectively engage health care consumers via social media without violating patient privacy concerns. Jay Hodes, Read More

Attractive Minnesota Health Care System Seeks Athletic Young Adults with Broken Legs, Fractured Ribs, Concussions, or Other Traumas. Object: Long-Term Relationships.

Peter Hochstein

Notable Health Care Advertising // By Peter Hochstein // “Duluth, a four-season city with 11,000 acres of green space alongside the great Lake Superior, has miles of trails and over 100 parks, providing a suitable back drop for a multitude of recreation activities.” Wait! Don’t go away! You’re still reading Strategic Health Care Marketing. The Read More

Start and Leverage a Speakers Bureau for Branding Success

Kristin Mack Deuber

Should your health care organization start a speakers bureau? Most experts say, “Yes”—and a few of them offer important advice for making sure yours achieves all of your organization’s desired benefits. “Speakers bureaus are great reputation-building tools for organizations as they increase awareness of the organization and they also provide a way to build the Read More

How Gen X and Boomers Shop for Health Care

Ken Robbins, CEO of Response Mine Interactive

“Much has been written about marketing health care products and services to millennials, and for good reason,” says Ken Robbins, CEO and founder of digital agency Response Mine Interactive. “Since millennials are coming into disposable income and are extremely health-conscious, it makes good sense to understand how to reach them. But marketers cannot afford to Read More

Marketing Science Plus Soul Equals Brand Success for City of Hope

Lisa Stockmon, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at City of Hope

When a young woman named Kommah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she was told she had just a 5 percent chance of surviving. Gus, a firefighter, had to forgo saving others’ lives to focus on his own fight against leukemia. Today, both Kommah and Gus have beaten the odds, thanks to Read More

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