How One Health System Leverages AI to Optimize Workflows

April 11, 2024
Orest Holubec, EVP and chief communication officer, Providence

Orest Holubec, EVP and chief communication officer at Providence

When ChatGPT burst into the public consciousness in late 2022, it sent ripples of excitement and concern through many professions. Those working in public relations and communication were especially interested. Questions abounded. Debate ensued.

Would AI be a helpful addition to our jobs that we could control? Or something that would end our work as we knew it? Should we fear AI or embrace it? Would AI be more of an evolution or a revolution for the future of communication and PR work?

Over the past 14 months, Providence’s communication team has taken an active role in experimenting with AI while the larger organization also embraces it to address various operational, process, and patient care needs.

“Health care — and the type of work our communication team does — has become increasingly complex and fast-paced during the last few years,” says Orest Holubec, EVP and chief communication officer at Providence. “We’re excited by the potential of generative AI to extend our workforce, which will help us deliver on our mission in important new ways.”

In our new article, you’ll discover how Providence is leveraging AI to optimize workflows and learn practical applications of AI in health care communication teams.

Read the full article here: AI’s Impact on Health Care Communication Teams: Is It an Evolution or a Revolution?

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