Physician Relations

Five Difficult Topics Health Care Marketers Need To Tackle

Ross Goldberg

“It has been said that all motion is relative,” notes Ross K. Goldberg. “If that is indeed true, then it’s entirely possible to go backward by simply standing still if the world around you is changing.” Goldberg, President of Kevin/Ross Public Relations in Southern California, says that “[o]ver the past half-dozen years, those entrusted with Read More

Health Care Brand Management: Overcoming Branding Challenges Unique to ACOs

Andrea Simon

“As physicians are evaluating whether to participate in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), they are facing a new reality, one that demands they change their practice processes, reduce health care utilization, and improve wellness for the patients they care for,” says Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D., President of Simon Associates Management Consultants. “They must now refer to Read More

Telemedicine Enables Remote Dermatology Services

Jennifer Sikora, VP of Marketing, Iagnosis

If you had a suspicious mole or rash on your leg, what if you could have it evaluated by a dermatologist tomorrow without having to miss any work or activities and could find out quickly whether the area is cause for concern? You’d probably find this approach invaluable. And so might many of your health Read More

Turning a Tight Budget + Low Brand Awareness Into Health Care Marketing Success

Peter Hochstein

“As the health sciences have advanced, pressure to see more patients in less time has also grown. Little wonder that doctor-patient relationships often seem less personal—and consequently less satisfying—than they once were,” notes veteran copywriter and regular SHCM columnist Peter Hochstein. “It was just this kind of society-wide malaise that provided a branding opportunity for Read More

Going Beyond HCAHPS Data to Track Customers’ Experiences

William Maples, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Professional Research Consultants, Inc.

An Interview with William Maples, M.D. // By Lisa D. Ellis // How satisfied are your patients with the care they receive in your facility? Your answer may be based on the latest HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) data, which provides an important way to track key measures from the patient Read More

How to Turn Accountable Care Organizations Into “Hot Brands”

Andrea Simon

// By Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. // A colleague called me not long ago to discuss his dilemma. He had the opportunity to join an ACO (Accountable Care Organization) and was perplexed, to say the least. He is a smart guy, but the options before him were overwhelming: Should he look for a hospital-based ACO? Read More

What the New HHS Restrictions on Media in Patient Areas Mean for You

Lisa D. Ellis

Flip through the channels of your television set any evening and chances are you’ll stumble across an episode of a reality TV series that was filmed in a hospital emergency department. Over the past few years, such “real” medical TV that presents traumas as they unfold has grown in popularity among viewers, and some organizations Read More

Five Issues Health Care PR Folks Aren’t Talking About (But Should Be)

Ross Goldberg

// By Ross K. Goldberg // It has been said that all motion is relative. If that is indeed true, then it’s entirely possible to go backward by simply standing still if the world around you is changing. Over the past half-dozen years, those entrusted with health care communications have pushed forward by focusing a Read More