Lookahead to 2020 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit

February 27, 2020
Judy Neiman, president, the Forum for Healthcare Strategists

Judy Neiman, president, the Forum for Healthcare Strategists

Whether you’re at the pinnacle of your career or working your way up, the value of meeting with your peers and heroes face to face cannot be overstated.

Twenty-five years ago, Judy Neiman founded what is now called the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (the Summit). She had the foresight back then to see that consumers were becoming a powerful voice in health care.

“It was clear at the time that consumers were going to become increasingly involved in making their own health care decisions,” Neiman says. “It seemed that marketers were well-positioned within their organizations to become the voice of those consumers because they were in a position to understand them and convey their needs and wants within.”

Initially launched as the Forum on Customer-Based Marketing Strategies, and later combined with the Physician Strategies Summit, the Summit has become one of the must-attend health care marketing conferences for senior and emerging health care leaders, with an average attendance of more than 800.

We spoke with Neiman and conference co-chairs Susan Alcorn, counselor at strategic communications firm Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock and principal at Alcorn Strategic Communications, and Kriss Barlow, principal at Barlow/McCarthy, to get a preview of this year’s Summit, set for April 5–7 in Las Vegas.

Read the full story now for a preview of the Summit and some specific session recommendations:

2020 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit: Celebrating 25 Years of Industry Leadership

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