How Georgia Cancer Center Repositioned Its Marketing Strategy to Beat the Competition

August 3, 2018

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

What would you do if your ads were actually sending your customers to your competition?

Georgia Cancer Center Logo

Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University recently faced this challenging scenario. Further complicating matters, the brand had gone through several name changes in recent years, leaving its target audience confused about what the health system was and what it stood for. 

As a part of the only public academic medical center in the state, Georgia Cancer Center incorporates teaching, state-of-the-art research (including offering clinical trials right in the community), and access to cutting-edge cancer care and treatments.

The combination creates a powerful resource for area residents. Yet until recently, many people in the service region were not aware of the breadth of the center’s expertise. Worse yet, some of them believed that Georgia Cancer Center’s ads were really for the competing facility. This translated to lots of missed opportunities.

With so much consolidation and rebranding in today’s health care environment, it’s easy to see how consumers can get confused. That’s why it’s incumbent on health systems to get to the heart of the issues and adjust their messages accordingly. Here, we’ll see how Georgia Cancer Center tackled its challenges and came out ahead.

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