How Health Care Marketers Can Use Experiential Marketing to Build Personal Relationships with Their Target Audience

August 6, 2018

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

How many times have you unsubscribed to a marketing email or taken your name off a list for a webinar because you were inundated with communications from brands trying to get your loyalty? In today’s very saturated marketplace, consumers are often overwhelmed by all of the digital noise and, as a result, many marketing messages get lost in the shuffle.

Becca Lyon, senior manager, marketing strategy at agencyEA

Becca Lyon, senior manager, marketing strategy at agencyEA

That’s why some of the savviest health care marketers are taking a different tack, reaching out to connect with people on a personal level through live events. In fact, this premise is at the heart of a growing trend called experiential marketing. As the name implies, experiential marketing builds on the concept of creating in-person experiences that directly engage the target audience. For health care marketers in particular, experiential marketing provides an opportunity to get people to pay attention to what you have to say, even in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

To learn more about the how health systems can use experiential marketing to their full advantage, we reached out to experts from agencyEA, which recently conducted a survey on the state of experiential marketing, and asked them what to expect moving forward. In the following interview, Becca Lyon, senior manager, marketing strategy at agencyEA, and Jessica Yarbrough, account supervisor at agencyEA, share the highlights of their findings and offer advice for health care organizations.

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