E-Newsletter Keeps Providers Informed About Important COVID-Related News

December 3, 2020
Lisa McCluskey, vice president of marketing communications

Lisa McCluskey, vice president of marketing communications, CHI Memorial

CHI Memorial Health System had a robust physician communications platform in place before COVID-19 came along. But the pandemic created new urgency among providers to acquire and absorb the latest knowledge about the disease and how to treat it.

The content platform MedNews Plus, powers CHI Memorial’s physician newsletter Physician e-News. This publication, already a tried-and-true source of information for subscribers, was the right tool at the right time for the health system as it dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

Once the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based health system diagnosed its first patient with the disease on March 13, it was able to pivot quickly to provide a steady stream of up-to-date news and information to physician subscribers.

Physician e-News has almost 700 active subscribers, including employed and affiliated physicians as well as nurse practitioners, PAs, and some practice administrators.

“It has been very widely adopted by our physicians,” says Lisa McCluskey, vice president of marketing communications at CHI Memorial.

Physician e-News is opt-in only. “You do have to subscribe to receive it, and [physicians] subscribe to the topics they want to read about — primary care, cardiology, orthopedics, hospital medicine,” says McCluskey.

As the pandemic picked up speed, McCluskey created a daily coronavirus alert that went out to all employees, and it was also embedded in Physician e-News. “It covered the latest statistics on the coronavirus from Johns Hopkins and W.H.O., and we covered the states in our service areas in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama,” McCluskey says.

“Breaking Medical News,” a feature within the MedNews Plus platform, also provided updates on COVID-19.

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