Podcasting Playbook: Winning Strategies for Successful Podcast Marketing

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar
for healthcare marketers and strategists

Presented on May 23, 2024 

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Your Presenters:

  • Bill Klaproth, Director of Marketing and Production, DoctorPodcasting
  • Rachel Cliffe, Community Outreach and Sponsorship Coordinator, Siteman Cancer Center
  • Rebekah Owens, Content Marketing Manager, University of Maryland Medical System
  • Sydney Kishimoto, Marketing Specialist Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Daniel Knoepflmacher, Vice Chair for Education Department of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medicine

Moderated by:

  • Susan Dubuque, Contributing Editor, Strategic Health Care Marketing and Co-Chair, 2024 eHealthcare Leadership Awards

Podcasts are a popular, well-established audio medium used by healthcare institutions around the world to share longer-format content. They are an excellent marketing tool offering an array of benefits, including: increasing brand awareness, engaging patients, building community, and establishing thought leadership.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to leverage the power of podcasts to enhance brand visibility and community/patient engagement. We’ll provide a playbook with practical tips related to defining your audience, content creation, hosting, and physician engagement.

You’ll hear from industry leaders — including 3 Platinum winners of the 2023 eHealthcare Leadership Awards “Best Healthcare Podcast” category — about how podcasts can be a valuable tool for elevating your marketing by connecting with audiences in a highly personalized way.

You won’t want to miss panelists’ presentations of their award-winning podcasts as they share insights about their strategies, implementation, and outcomes. We invite you to ask questions and join the conversation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to integrate podcasts into your digital marketing.
  • Practical tips for producing successful podcasts.
  • Ways to engage your audience and enhance your podcast’s performance.
  • What it takes to create and sustain an industry-leading podcast.
  • And much more!

Your Presenters

Bill Klaproth
Director of Marketing and Production

Bill is the Director of Marketing and Production and a Pod Talk Host for DoctorPodcasting by RadioMD. He is a former radio program director/air talent, having worked at various radio stations, including the infamous WLS and ‘The LOOP’ WLUP, both in Chicago. Bill is also the host of SHSMD’s Marketing Podcast, Rapid Insights, for healthcare strategy professionals. The podcast can be found on the SHSMD website and on popular platforms such as Apple, Spotify, iHeart, and more. His many years in radio/podcasting make him uniquely qualified to help hospitals across the country execute an audio marketing strategy through podcasts.

Headshot - Bill Klaproth – DoctorPodcasting

Rachel Cliffe
Community Outreach and Sponsorship Manager
Siteman Cancer Center

Rachel Cliffe has served as the Community Outreach and Sponsorship Manager for Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes Jewish-Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine for over five years. Her responsibilities include developing and managing partnerships and sponsorships with over 75 organizations, including professional sports teams, corporate companies, and community partners. Rachel has played a vital role in the creation of Siteman's This is Cancer podcast and Learning with National Leaders virtual event series. She continues to oversee both initiatives to ensure their success.

Headshot - Rachel-Cliffe, Siteman Cancer

Rebekah F. Owens, MS, CDMP, PCM
Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Manager
University of Maryland Medical System

Rebekah (Beka) Frizzelle Owens, MS, CDMP, PCM Digital Marketing, is the Content Marketing Manager at the University of Maryland Medical System. For three years, she has managed and grown the content program which consists of the award-winning Living Greater Podcast series with over 125 podcasts, an award-winning health and wellness blog with over 450 articles, an email marketing program with a database of nearly 1 million addresses, and seven print magazines. Prior to this position, she created and led the content program for the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She has over 20 years of marketing, communications, media relations and special events experience, has a master’s degree in strategic communication, and is dual certified in digital marketing. Additionally, she is a community service grant recipient and has been published in an academic journal.

Headshot - Rebekah Owen, University of Maryland

Sydney Kishimoto
Marketing Specialist, Department of Psychiatry
Weill Cornell Medicine

Sydney Kishimoto is the Marketing Specialist for the Department of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine and co-producer for the department's podcast, On the Mind. In these roles, she works with expert psychologists and psychiatrists to share reliable mental health resources and communicate how the department expands upon Weill Cornell Medicine's mission to care, discover, and teach. Prior to her experiences in healthcare, Sydney focused her marketing efforts on fashion and accessories, working with new and growing luxury brands to expand their reach.

Headshot - Sydney Kishimoto, Cornell

Dr. Daniel Knoepflmacher, M.D., M.F.A.
Director of the General Psychiatry Residency Program and Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Psychiatry
Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Knoepflmacher received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University and graduate degree from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. He embarked on a successful career in the entertainment industry as an editor specializing in theatrical and television marketing campaigns for major studio films before his medical training at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, and New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City. Dr. Knoepflmacher brings his unique background to his work as a psychiatrist, consultant, educator, and administrative leader. He’s contributed to multiple books, articles, and papers; given talks around the world, and edited a video used nationwide to train psychiatry residents. He launched the podcast On the Mind in 2023, which has garnered significant growth in listenership, won the eHealthcare Leadership platinum award for best healthcare podcast, and is listed as one of Feedspot’s 25 Best Psychiatry Podcasts.

Headshot - Daniel-Knoepflmacher, Cornell

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