Focus on Access: The Innovative Solutions Reshaping Access to Care

August 20, 2023

Exclusive Member Report

Health care access is a critical issue that has garnered significant attention in recent years. Hospitals and health systems have been making conscious efforts to improve access to care by leveraging technological advancements and putting more focus on patient needs.

The goal of marketing is to drive growth and loyalty. To succeed, health care marketers must find ways to eliminate the barriers to access and make it easier for consumers to find and schedule care. Health care marketers play a key role in advocating for improved consumer experiences that result in increased scheduled appointments and patient encounters. Collaboration with other departments is key, whether the need is freeing up capacity, giving call center agents greater access to patient information, or developing new points of care.

In this new report from Strategic Health Care Marketing, you’ll get an inside look at what hospitals and health systems around the country are doing to expand access to care and gain critical insights on how to improve access in your own organization.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Four major obstacles blocking access to care with suggested fixes on how to rethink, redesign, and improve patient experiences.
  • How acute care telehealth expands access to care by connecting community hospitals with specialized experts, closing gaps in knowledge, and keeping care local.
  • How Renown Health is working to improve access by upgrading call center technology and offering personal assistants to guide patients through multiple touchpoints of care.
  • The strategic decisions behind CHRISTUS Health’s new virtual care service, which improves patient access by expanding hours and days of operation and keeping the cost low.
  • How Cleveland Clinic is reshaping access by providing personalized guides who help patients navigate the complex health system at every point of care.
  • The critical actions Providence is taking to improve health equity and reduce barriers to care—including a $50 million investment—and how health care marketers can support health equity efforts for sustainable change.
  • How a technology-enabled appointment management solution allows OrthoSC to optimize capacity and make online appointment scheduling easier for patients.
  • How leveraging CRM data can help health care marketers create clinic capacity to improve access and enhance patient experiences.

For more strategic insights and expert guidance to bolster your health care marketing efforts, download our report today.