The Value Attack:
Defend Your Health System’s Reputation

Gain control of the health care cost narrative, combat the tsunami of negativity, communicate the value your organization provides, and protect your brand.

A new Strategic Health Care Marketing webinar for health care marketers and strategists

Presented on Dec. 14, 2022


Sponsored by Revive

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Health systems currently face a “Value Attack” — a growing assault on provider reputation related to the cost of health care in the U.S. While health plans and pharma companies have successfully downplayed their role in the outsized cost of health care in this country, hospitals have failed to do the same.

The result is a reputation crisis for health systems that is gaining momentum, despite all the goodwill earned during the pandemic, and as organizations face the worst financial environment in decades.

If this issue isn’t one of the top priorities for your health system right now, it needs to be. You are likely suffering reputational damage, even if your brand itself hasn’t faced the fury of the media or politicians. Key stakeholders — from your staff to your community, to the media, and even policymakers that make critical decisions — need to understand the value your hospital or health system provides.

In this webinar, leaders in crisis management from the North Carolina Healthcare Association and Revive identify critical steps marketers and communicators must take to communicate this message and protect their organizations’ brand reputation.

The winners in the value conversation will proactively turn the issue of cost from a negative to a positive. 

You’ll learn:

  • What constitutes the Value Attack, and why it's only getting worse
  • Key factors that are contributing to the misperception that health systems are the villains in the rising cost dynamic in health care
  • Ways in which the Value Attack can damage your brand reputation
  • How health system marketing and communications teams can not only defend reputation, but flip the Value Attack on its head and build brand perception

About Your Presenters:

Cynthia Charles
Vice President, Public Relations & Communications
North Carolina Healthcare Association 

Cynthia Charles is Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for the North Carolina Healthcare Association based in Cary, a suburb of Raleigh.

NCHA is a trade association representing 130 hospitals and health systems that collectively take care of more than 10 million North Carolina residents. The association serves member health systems by advocating for sound public policy at the state and national levels and by leveraging collaborative partnerships, communication, education programs and data services to make high-quality healthcare more equitable and accessible for all.

During her career, Cynthia has held marketing and communications leadership roles for broad range of healthcare provider organizations, including a small independent rural hospital, a large urban academic medical center and several multi-state health systems. She also led communications for one of the nation’s largest United Way affiliates.

A native of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and an alumnus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, Cynthia is a big fan of musical theatre, especially Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Hamilton. She encourages everyone to stay “young, scrappy and hungry.”

Cynthia Charles, North Carolina Healthcare Association

Ryan Colaianni
EVP, Communications and Crisis/Issues
Revive Health

Ryan Colaianni is executive vice president, leading Revive’s communications and issues/crisis department. He is responsible for ensuring that Revive’s clients are prepared for the unexpected and helps elevate their reputations.

Ryan has more than 15 years of experience working on some of the most high-profile crisis issues seen nationally in recent years. He has a background in print journalism and spent a few years with a D.C.-based trade association.

Before Revive, Ryan led the higher education practice at Edelman in addition to leading issues management workstreams for global corporate companies. A poised crisis counselor and talented media trainer, Ryan has built impactful public affairs campaigns and elevated the profile of Fortune 100 executives and university presidents.

Ryan Colaianni, Revive Health