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Dear Health Care Marketing Professional:

This report—a compilation of columns by marketing expert Peter Hochstein that appeared in Strategic Health Care Marketing—is filled with real-life health care marketing success stories…from the best use of television ads, to innovative print campaigns, to smart radio spots and more.

Here, you’ll see what’s working well for other hospitals and health care facilities around the country so you can adapt the best work of others to your own marketing campaigns and boost your ROI. It’s an exciting time to be in the health care field, and we want to help you make the most of it.

This report, like all of the publications released by Plain-English Health Care, is written in our characteristic clear, plain-English style and packed with actionable ideas you can implement today.

Our goal for this report is to give you a taste of what we offer and get the creative ideas flowing for your next successful campaign at your facility. I am confident you will come away with some new ways to present your unique offerings and strengths to your target market.

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Best Regards,
Matt Humphrey
President, Plain-English Health Care
Publisher of Strategic Health Care Marketing and eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Table of Contents

  • A Leading Cancer Treatment Center Focuses on Outcomes, with Eclectic Mix of TV Spots, Radio, and Print

  • How to Reach Your Target Audience When You Don’t Know Who It Is Yet

  • Differentiating a Brand Image with Emotional, Storytelling Visuals—and a Little Borscht Belt Humor

  • A Hospital for Kids Touches Musicians—Now Their Music Touches a Community and Helps Build the Hospital’s Brand Awareness

  • From Television to Direct Mail, an In-House Advertising Agency Does It All for Legacy Health, While Keeping a Lid on Costs

  • A New Jersey Hospital with a Century-Old Reputation for Delivering Babies Builds Awareness with Storks and a Cabbage Patch

  • Launched and Celebrated, a Campaign for a New Hospital Service Got Great Attention Before Everything Changed

  • The University of Kansas Hospital Builds a Strong Reputation While Avoiding ‘Image-y’ Ads

  • A Strong Hospital Brand Finds That It Needs to Rebrand—and Then Reaps Positive Results