Sharp HealthCare Launches Sharp Health News and Reports a Marketing Win

July 14, 2016

Sharp HealthCareWhat happens to medical supplies and equipment once the items expire? How can you mix medications and supplements safely? What are some healthful and quick lunch recipes? These are just a few of the timely topics covered on Sharp Health News, a new website run by Sharp HealthCare.

The news service was launched in October 2015 to serve as a channel through which the health system could share information, research, success stories, and expertise with journalists, consumers, and employees.

Jennifer Balanky, Manager of Digital Content for Sharp HealthCare

Jennifer Balanky, Manager of Digital Content for Sharp HealthCare

With Sharp HealthCare recognized as one of the largest integrated health systems in the United States, its leaders recognize the importance of being on the cutting edge, both now and in the future. In today’s highly digitalized, patient-centered world, this commitment translates into finding new ways to extend the organization’s reach beyond the medical setting to provide people and journalists with information and resources to help them make sense of timely issues, research findings, and medical diagnoses, explains Jennifer Balanky, Manager of Digital Content for Sharp HealthCare.

To this end, Sharp Health News provides a wealth of information, research, success stories, and expertise revolving around chronic health conditions and issues in the local and national news.

For patients, the information provided can help them recognize symptoms, know when to seek medical care, and hear from the experts on treatment options.

For the media, the Sharp Health News content can help make their jobs easier, says Pam Hardy, Managing Editor of Sharp Health News. Sharp Health News representatives reach out to serve as a resource for them, helping to shape conversations on issues of interest both in the region and across the nation, as well.

And for Sharp HealthCare, the efforts have resulted in tremendous publicity: “In our first six months in operation, 20 of our news stories have landed in local news outlets and online media,” Hardy says.

For more on Sharp’s highly effective side business, check out the full story now: Read All About It: Sharp HealthCare Ventures Into the News Business.

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