The 3 Pillars of Successful Health Care Marketing; Lessons from Recent Neuroscience

August 20, 2015

Neuroscientific research is helping marketers better understand how to reach the inner recess of our audience’s brain, which, because it has been evolving for millennia, still makes decisions better suited for survival on the savannas of Africa than in today’s world of modern health care. Understanding the subtle nuances of neuroscience—and the evolutionary-biased brain—will provide the knowledge to better craft our marketing messaging for maximum effectiveness.

// By Dan Fredricks //

Kathy O’Reilly

There is nothing quite as daunting to a marketer as facing a blank piece of paper—or computer screen—at the start of a new project. We’re at the proverbial marketing crossroads, where the path we select will lead to the ultimate success or demise of our project.

Successful marketers have long understood that every project begins with a strong foundation. Projects built on the drifting sands of passing marketing trends or flavor-of-the-month tactics are doomed to failure from the start. The challenge we face is how to start building the strongest foundation possible.

Fortunately, new empirical evidence identifies the methods best suited for laying the optimal foundation to influence our target audiences. Thanks to advances in neuroscience, we now know more about how the brain controls human behavior and the decision-making process. This research provides valuable marketing insights that, until recently, have been unknown and should be the first tools out of our marketing toolbox when building our messaging foundation.

The following three pillars represent proven methodology supported by neuroscience. They will provide our project a strong foundation by unlocking the secrets of marketing to the primal mind in the modern world.

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