Balancing Promotion and Patient Privacy: 5 Lessons Learned from the Pharmaceutical Segment That Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

August 30, 2017

// By Lisa D. Ellis //

When it comes to marketing your health care services, you may find yourself grappling with the challenge of personalizing your promotional materials without being able to share any specific information about your patients. This paradox can make it difficult to market your organization to the full extent.

That’s also the case for pharmaceutical companies, which are prohibited from naming most of their clients and service contracts. This means that promoting successes—both to media and also directly to attract new clients—needs to be done in a very strategic way.

But you don’t have to give away any personal information about your patients to promote your health care system effectively. Try these tried-and-true tips gleaned from the efforts of a seasoned pharmaceutical company marketing executive (note that the company prefers to remain anonymous). We’re confident you’ll find inspiration to help you sell your services, while preserving patient confidentiality.

5 Marketing Lessons That Can Apply to Health Care Providers

Here are five key lessons learned by one pharmaceutical company to consider incorporating into your organization’s own strategy:

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