Creating Visual Disruptions—and Other Techniques for Building a Strong ER Brand

October 30, 2014

by Peter Hochstein

Peter HochsteinImagine you live in Aurora, CO. One attraction in this third-most-populous city in the state is the rich availability of recreational sports activities, including soccer fields, ice hockey mountain biking, and—well, you get the idea.

While taking the kids to soccer practice, you suddenly see an alarming sight. A soccer player behind a sign is evidently falling headfirst, his flailing legs pointing skyward.

No, wait! Those apparently upended legs are actually part of the sign, which also bears the headline “Just In Case.” Other copy on the sign tells you the address of a Health One Centennial Medical Plaza emergency room nearby, and offers other information.

You’ve just seen an example of how outdoor advertising can creates a visual disruption—something so unexpectedly dramatic it’s almost impossible to ignore. It’s especially powerful when, like this sign, the disturbance is adjacent to a field where people are playing the same game depicted on the sign.

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