Health Care Branding Journey: The Impact of a Unified Brand

July 1, 2014

by Michael Reinhardt

Michael ReinhardtDeveloping a unified health care brand sounds promising, but how do you actually begin such a tremendous undertaking? In April, eHealthcare Strategy & Trends sponsored a special webinar on emerging branding trends in a rapidly changing industry. The program examined the journey taken by St. Joseph Health, based in Irvine, CA, and the current initiatives at Yale New Haven Health, as the two organizations align their brands with their strategic plans. Presenters included Rick Jacobs, principal of Monigle Associates, Denver; Susan Solomon, vice president of marketing and communications, St. Joseph Health; and Robert Hutchison, executive director of marketing and communications, Yale New Haven Health. The following is a summary of the key points and observations shared in the online seminar.

Guiding Principles

There are five guiding principles that help create strong health care brands.

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