KidzStuff: Much More Than Stuff for Children

February 1, 2014

by Diane Atwood

Diane AtwoodHow comfortable would you be clipping the nails of a fidgety two-year-old? This simple task makes many parents fairly anxious and has landed more than one child in the emergency room with a cut or infected nail bed. There had to be a safer and easier-to-use tool than regular nail clippers, thought clinicians at Miami Children’s Hospital in Florida. They couldn’t find what they were looking for, so they in­vented their own – the Baby-Safe™ Nail Trimmer. Available in pink cat and yellow duck designs, the trim­mer has a specially crafted blade that prevents someone from cutting a baby’s delicate nails too closely.

The trimmer and a growing number of other children’s wellness products are being produced and sold by KidzStuff™, an innovative new retail brand recently launched by Miami Children’s Hospital.

A concept becomes a reality

The KidzStuff concept had been on the mind of Narendra Kini, MD, Miami Children’s president and CEO, for quite some time. As a father and a pediatri­cian who had worked many years in hospital emergency rooms, Kini had a strong notion that parents and chil­dren might benefit from various wellness items that did not seem to be available. About 18 months ago, his concept began to take shape. The first step was to build a catalog of ideas based on the experience and observations of clinicians.

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