Looking for a Memorable Symbol for Your Health Care Services? Here’s What Happened When a Chain of Urgent Care Clinics Got a Spokes-Puppet

November 13, 2019

// By Peter Hochstein //

Peter HochsteinMeet Bebo. He’s preposterous. He’s orange. He’s always sick or injured. And he’s helping Patient Plus clinics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana carve out a strong identity in a highly competitive market.

You can do terrible things to a puppet for popular amusement that aren’t funny when they happen to real people. You can make him horribly ill. You can afflict him with a swarm of bees. You can break off his leg, or worse. Almost no matter what you do, people seem to remember and feel amused by the perils of puppets. So it’s a wonder that hardly anybody has thought to use them to attract clinic or hospital patients.

But in Baton Rouge, an orange puppet named Bebo, with a goofy voice and a propensity for finding himself in situations that call for medical services, has been building traffic, growing positive awareness, and creating distinctive brand identity for a local chain of urgent care clinics called Patient Plus.

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