New England System Tests Pre-Flight Health Check – Wellness Campaign at Busy Airport

April 1, 2014

by Cheryl L. Serra

Cheryl L. SerraA pre-flight check may soon include measuring your blood pressure and heart rate.

As evidenced by the CareHere Walk-In Clinic and Wellness Store at the Nashville (TN) International Airport, discussed in last month’s issue, health care marketing is starting to show up at airports, which have a desirable captive audience. According to a 2011 Arbitron study, the vast majority of passengers arrive at an airport at least one hour before their scheduled departure.

Now Steward Health Care System is using Boston Logan International Airport to make good use of the time passengers wait for departing flights. The 11-hospital system is sponsoring designated walking paths and health stations for passengers in three primarily domestic terminals at Logan. The health stations are located past security checkpoints, in gate waiting areas. Steward will sponsor the initiative for a year.

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