Physician Relations Management Platform Offers Faster Business Intelligence and Increased Revenue

February 9, 2023

If your organization is investing in highly compensated specialists to grow your service lines and provide needed care for patients, you want those physicians to be as productive as possible as soon as possible, and you want them to be the first choice of referring physicians. Doctivity, a novel physician relations management (PRM) platform using proprietary algorithms, which launched in March 2022, is making it easier to achieve these critical goals.

Cathryn Connolley, president and chief operating officer of Doctivity, talks about physician relations management

Cathryn Connolley, president and chief operating officer, Doctivity

Cathryn Connolley, former vice president of marketing strategy and operations at Geisinger, is president and chief operating officer of Doctivity. The genesis of the platform was Connolley’s prior work at Geisinger, where she headed up consumer marketing, branding, and physician relations. “One of the challenges we were having was the time it took new physicians to ramp up and break even,” she says. “On average, it was taking 24 to 30 months.”

To cut that time down, Connolley and her team developed strategically targeted marketing and business development plans for each new physician. Within two years, the average time for a new physician to break even dropped to four months. “We were recruiting 130 to 140 new docs every year, so there was a tremendous amount of savings,” says Connolley.

The same strategic thinking she used to understand the market, identify opportunities, and develop marketing plans for growth are baked into Doctivity, a tool that uses robust data, technology, and analytics to provide actionable insights in real time.

Geisinger’s Musculoskeletal Institute is an early adopter of Doctivity. Dr. Michael Suk, chair of the Institute and a member of Doctivity’s Board of Directors, says, “From a market standpoint, there is a level of actionable detail we have not seen before.”

In our new article, you’ll learn how Geisinger and other health systems are using the physician relations management platform to understand referral patterns, identify new business opportunities, and optimize their outreach efforts.

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