Planetree Hospitals Achieve High Satisfaction, Performance Scores

July 1, 2013

by Deborah Borfitz

Deborah BorfitzSince 1992, 170 acute care hos­pitals have undergone rigorous evaluation and orientation exer­cises to become affiliated with the Planetree network. Thirty-eight facilities have attained formal Planetree designa­tion, available since 2008, which requires passionate and systemwide support of the Planetree care model and holds hospitals to measurable standards for high-quality, compassionate care. The Department of Veterans Affairs more recently began collaborating with Planetree to develop the VA’s own patient-centered care model for veterans at some 1,000 care sites nationwide, including more than 150 hospitals.

Although not a well-known consumer brand, Planetree is recognized by virtually all health care leaders, ac­cording to Danielle Swift, director of communications and public relations for the Derby, CT-based organiza­tion that is dedicated to humanizing health care. The Planetree moniker implies a commitment to be consumer-driven and patient-centered, in large part by seeing every employee as a caregiver and empowering each individual to solve problems in nonconventional ways.

Hospitals gravitate to Planetree for several reasons, says Bill Powanda, vice president at Derby, CT-based Griffin Hospital and at the corporate parent that also owns Planetree. “Early on, it was mostly altruism – rural hospitals that believed it was the right model of care,” Powanda says. Other hospitals wanted to use Planetree to differentiate themselves in a crowded mar­ket or to make it part of their branding strategy.

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