Cause Marketing

What Does It Even Mean Be a “Nonprofit” Hospital Anymore?

Ross K. Goldberg is president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations

While traditional wisdom once held that nonprofit hospitals maintain a firm advantage over for-profit hospitals, the tides seem to be turning. // By Ross K. Goldberg // One of the oldest and truest axioms in consumer advertising is that the most successful and persuasive messaging finds a way to turn a feature into a benefit. Read More

Pro Bono Work Is Not Just for Doctors and Lawyers

Peggy Frank, CEO, Frank Public Relations

“Physicians travel around the globe to donate their time to help others less fortunate, sharing their knowledge and skills while expecting nothing in return except the self-satisfaction that comes from their acts of unselfishness,” says Ross K. Goldberg, president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations and member of the SHCM editorial advisory board. “But what about those Read More

The Perks of Pro Bono: What You Get When You Give

Ross K. Goldberg is president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations

// By Ross K. Goldberg // Pro bono work “feeds the soul,” says Susan Dubuque, principal at NDP. In this article, we hear from Susan and four other senior marketing and PR leaders about why they volunteer. Stepping outside your normal routine and using your skills to help a worthy cause may be just the Read More