How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market? Lessons From Emory Healthcare’s Rebranding Success

Amy Comeau, vice president of marketing, Emory Healthcare

Emory Healthcare’s rebranding initiatives enable the health system to stand out in Atlanta’s crowded market. Emory’s success should serve as an example for other hospitals and health systems looking to develop a successful rebranding strategy and drive growth. There are hospitals and health systems with reputations verging on veneration. But for all the world-renowned research Read More

3 New Studies Map Consumers’ Reaction to Health Care Disruption

Jane Weber Brubaker

What do consumers value in their health care? How do they value the care from a health system compared to the care they might be offered by a non-traditional care provider? Health care has largely viewed those encroaching on its turf — from retail, big tech, and startups, among others — as a threat. But Read More

Health Care Disruption? Consumers Say, “Bring It On”

Laila Waggoner, senior health care strategist, Core Health

Is disruption a good or bad thing? It depends on whom you ask. // By Jane Weber Brubaker // Let’s talk about disrupters. Health care has largely viewed those encroaching on its turf — from retail, big tech, and startups, among others — as a threat. But how do consumers see things? Before the COVID-19 Read More

Post-COVID, Data Dictates the Path Ahead at UNC Health

As marketers, we often preach the importance of data-driven decisions. Without data, marketing feels like a guessing game. But at UNC Health, describing the marketing and communications department as “data-driven” feels like an understatement. With an in-house consumer insights team and a robust survey process, data truly sits at the core of everything the team Read More

COVID Has Lingering Effects For Providers and Consumers

Daniel Fell, Optum

“The repercussions of consumers putting off both routine and essential care (most likely a result of both the voluntary shutdown of elective procedures around the country by many health systems as well as growing concerns over being exposed to the virus) are significant,” says Daniel Fell of Optum. “From both a public health and a Read More

Consumer Sentiment Evolving with COVID Spread

Daniel Fell, Optum

// By Daniel Fell // In early May, our company launched a biweekly tracking study to better understand and monitor consumer sentiment toward seeking health care services during the COVID pandemic. The Optum Consumer Pulse Survey asks a representative sample of 700 adult consumers nationwide how likely they are to visit different types of health Read More

How Do Older Adults Take Care of Themselves and Their Health?

Rob Klein, founder and CEO, Klein & Partners

People age 50 and older represent the largest demographic of health care consumers. But do you know how to best reach and market your health care organization to this audience, and which products and services resonate the most with them? A recent national consumer survey conducted by Cox Media Group revealed surprising insights about how Read More

Who Are You Trying To Reach Online – and Why?

Hospital marketers have to be active on social media and online review sites, right? We know the answer is ‘yes,’ but who is it for and how do you do it well? A recent national consumer survey conducted by Wax Custom Communications showed surprising results about who follows social media channels and to what extent Read More

Kaiser Permanente Launches New Social Health Network

Loel Solomon, PhD, vice president of community health at Kaiser Permanente

Treating illness is important, but that is only a part of overall health. Social determinants of health (SDoH) — the conditions under which people are born, live, and work — are increasingly recognized as strong influences on health. Conditions like poverty, education level, and lack of social support contribute to more than half of premature Read More

Is Your Culture Undermining Your Engagement Efforts?

Donald Wee, CEO, Tri-State Memorial Hospital and Medical Campus

What message is your organization’s culture sending to your employees? If it doesn’t tell the people you employ that you value their input, you’re missing an important chance to get them more engaged in your day-to-day operations. You may also be losing out on a valuable differentiator in a competitive marketplace. At Tri-State Memorial Hospital Read More

NPS and Patient Experience: Focus on What Patients Really Value

NPS score visualization

“What if you and your hospital were measuring patient satisfaction incorrectly?” posits James A. Gardner. “Worse, what if you were focused on improving things that didn’t really matter — and overlooking things that did?” Gardner leads national market and business development efforts for MedTouch, a digital marketing agency serving hospitals and health systems nationally. “In Read More

Are You Measuring Patient Experience All Wrong?

What if you and your hospital were measuring patient satisfaction incorrectly? Worse, what if you were focused on improving things that didn’t really matter — and overlooking things that did? // By James A. Gardner // In a health care setting, satisfaction focuses on the gap between patients’ expectations and their experiences. Importantly, patient experience Read More

Learn What Your Patients Really Want—And Target Your Marketing Accordingly

West logo

Health care organizations increasingly focus on improving the patient experience as reimbursement levels are now tied to this essential measurement. Further, when patients aren’t satisfied with their medical care or how office staff treats them, they are apt to shop around for a new provider. Yet all too often, areas where health care organizations invest Read More