How a Well-Targeted Marketing Strategy Set UC Irvine Health Apart In a Competitive Market

January 29, 2015

UC Irvine Health is a California hospital system with 411 licensed beds that handles 19,243 patient admissions and 561,000 medical center visits a year—while defending against plenty of competition. There are more than 20 other hospitals in Orange and neighboring Los Angeles County, including Cedars Sinai, UCLA, USC, and City of Hope.

The goal? To position UC Irvine Health as Orange County’s top destination for cancer care, despite having an advertising budget much smaller than many of its competitors.

The winning concept was “The Anti-Cancer,” which included strong copy: “Stop it. Kill it. Make it go away. The fight starts here.” The body copy also highlighted the fact that UC Irvine Health is Orange County’s only nationally designated comprehensive care center.

For more on the creation of this laser-focused campaign, including the concepts that did not make the final cut (and why), read our latest article: Tightly Written Strategy Leads to a Focused, Hard-Punching Campaign for UC Irvine Health.

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Matt Humphrey