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Riverview Health Expands with Freestanding ER & Urgent Care Facilities

Jane Weber Brubaker

// By Jane Weber Brubaker // If your health system is in a geographic region experiencing rapid growth, it makes sense to capitalize on that trend and expand right along with the population. Hamilton County, a suburb of Indianapolis, is “growing by leaps and bounds,” according to Seth Warren, president and CEO of Riverview Health. Read More

Are Your CTAs “Sticky” Enough?

Elicia Newcom Gregory, director of marketing, Norton Healthcare

The answer to this question dictates success — and failure — in Norton Healthcare’s efforts.  // By Lisa D. Ellis // When you take the time to develop compelling calls to action (CTAs) tied to measurable outcomes, you can effectively engage people you want to reach on a very personal level. This can be key Read More

Hackensack Meridian Health Orchestrates a New Brand

Jim Blazer, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Hackensack Meridian Health

// By Wendy Healy // One of the themes of this article is that brands evolve. We covered the Hackensack Meridian merger back in December 2016. The consolidated health system’s first-generation brand has now been replaced with a new brand, built on consumer research and a solid brand strategy. Two-and-a-half years after two large New Read More

2018 Patient Access Journey Report

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A Survey of 1,000 Consumers Reveals New Opportunities for Health Systems to Improve Patient Access

This annual report on patient access trends by Kyruus shows that convenience is a growing priority for consumers — but they don’t want to sacrifice quality to get it. As competition rises from both traditional and emerging care sites, the findings show that opportunities exist for health systems to differentiate their brands by expanding their reach and removing scheduling barriers.

Key findings about consumer demand include:

  • Convenience: 48% visited an urgent care or retail clinic in the last 12 months, primarily due to location convenience.
  • Care Quality: 32% rated quality of online patient ratings & reviews extremely important, up from 26% in 2017.
  • Cohesiveness: While 52% conduct online research, most still prefer to book by phone, perceiving it to be faster.

For more healthcare consumer insights, download the report.

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Five-Star Service: Treat Your Patients Like Valued Guests, or Else

Kim Mott, marketing and customer service manager for Florida Orthopaedic Institute

// By Lisa D. Ellis // The last time you went on vacation, you probably enjoyed five-star treatment from the staff at the hotels and restaurants you visited. But while customer service is paramount when it comes to dining and accommodations, most health care systems don’t think to treat their patients like valued guests. The Read More

Why Physician Engagement Is an Essential Part of Your Health System’s Equation

McAllister Dianne

// By Lisa D. Ellis // With a predicted shortage of physicians over the next several years, and increasing concern over physician burnout, a group of savvy thought leaders are focusing on improving physician satisfaction and engagement. Physicians are responsible for making most decisions related to patient care. Yet medical staff members often aren’t involved Read More

Position Your Health System for Success in 2019

Linda MacCracken, senior principal at Accenture

Five Key Market Dynamics for Marketers to Manage  // By Linda MacCracken // “In my ongoing conversations with industry leaders about what’s shifting in health care, five factors rose to the top of the list for 2019, as marketing moves to new dimensions, and closer to health system collaborative scaling of smart pilots.” In this Read More