What the Consumerization of Health Care Means for You: 5 Key Trends To Watch

May 28, 2015
Lindsay Resnick

Lindsay Resnick

“The consumerization of health care means your customer is now in control,” notes Lindsay Resnick, Chief Marketing Officer of KBM Group: Health Services. “They are comparing prices, quality, convenience, and outcomes as they post reviews; and, refer friends and family—one way or the other. And a constant stream of technology innovation makes it easier and easier for them to do it.”

What does this mean for you as a provider? According to Resnick, industry leaders (and even some followers) are responding by creating holistic health care communities built around five trends: personalization, connectivity, accountability, empowerment, and experience.

In this week’s ezine, we’ll look at the first of these five trends, personalization.

“Direct-to-consumer health care means an ability to gather, store, analyze, and interpret big data—where to put it, what to do with it, how to scrutinize its accuracy, and how to turn it into value,” Resnick says. “Ingesting big data, structuring information, and creating actionable insights to inform strategy and drive in-market tactics is now ‘table stakes’ in today’s intensely competitive landscape.” It all comes down to one big question: “How well do you know your customers?”

“It’s time to get personal. An enterprise big-data strategy breeds a better understanding of every market segment,” Resnick advises. “It helps construct a complete snapshot or ‘unified view’ to attract, acquire, and retain your most desirable customers. It also enables sophisticated approaches to product development and customer outreach by linking data to core business strategies and marketing tactics,” he says.

In Resnick’s new article, you’ll learn additional insights on personalization, plus his thinking on the other 4 key trends—and  most importantly, what they mean for your ability to stay relevant and effective with your marketing efforts. Read the full article now: 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Health Care Consumerism—and What They Mean to Marketers.

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