ACA-Weary? Here’s How To Prepare, Regardless of What Happens

November 2, 2017
Paul H. Keckley, PhD, managing editor of The Keckley Report

Paul H. Keckley, PhD, managing editor of The Keckley Report

Following the ups and downs of health reform efforts is a lot like watching a tennis match. Spectators may find themselves getting dizzy as they try to follow the ongoing political battle raging in D.C. involving attempts to repeal some or all of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with a Republican-backed plan. All of this may leave you wondering what this means for health care networks and how you can prepare for whatever comes next.

In our new article, we share timely advice from an expert who recommends health care marketers take a step back and focus on the broader future of the field so they can help their organization be well positioned for stability over the next few years.

Read it now: 3 Market Forces to Watch For (Regardless of the Fate of Health Reform!)

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