Case Study: A New Blended Health Care Organization That Is Stronger Than the Sum of Its Parts

January 12, 2017

They say breaking up is hard to do—but merging isn’t always so easy, either.

Hackensack Meridian Health LogoWhen two health care organizations in New Jersey joined to create one larger, more comprehensive system called Hackensack Meridian Health last summer, there were numerous challenges in addition to opportunities.

For instance, the CEOs of both legacy organizations decided to share the top leadership role in the new system, pooling their wealth of experience to guide it to success. While having co-CEOs is a relatively unusual operating strategy in the health care world, it certainly isn’t unheard of in business. But it does mean that there are two different viewpoints to consider when it comes to making top decisions.

There are also now two teams of staff members with different ways of operating and different target audiences with different interests and concerns, which requires the marketing and communication departments to come together to establish new, more strategic goals.

To learn how Hackensack Meridian Health has overcome these challenges to strategically blend the best of both systems into an even stronger new entity, read the full article now:

Merger of Two New Jersey Organizations Creates New State of Health Care

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