The Vital Role of Public Relations in Organ Donation

May 4, 2017
Tom Mone, chief executive officer, OneLegacy

Tom Mone, chief executive officer, OneLegacy

“[T]here are few departments within a hospital that juggle more responsibilities, impact the organization’s brand as dramatically, or have as visible a role in telling the hospital’s story” as the PR and marketing departments, notes Tom Mone.

“That said, there is one story that hasn’t been told as often or as boldly as it should. Yet it’s a story where our nation’s hospitals can play a vital role in minimizing unnecessary deaths, bringing comfort to families, and truly helping to build healthier communities in the sincerest sense of the concept. The story is organ, eye, and tissue donation,” Mone says. Mone is chief executive officer of Los Angeles-based OneLegacy, the nation’s largest organ, eye, and tissue recovery organization.

Mone notes that there are a lot of public misconceptions about how to register to be a donor, what is involved in the process, and how the donor’s body will be treated upon death. “There also exists outdated thinking and blatant falsehoods on everything from the doctor’s role in organ donation to religious views on the subject,” he adds.

But hospital PR executives can play a vital role in educating communities on this topic, he says. Read the full article now:

Stepping Up to Help Spread the Word About the Importance of Organ, Eye, and Tissue Donation

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